Jonathan Bellamy spoke with managing partner, James Everall.

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So we've got large well-known organisations such as CAP, but we've also got some more local Christian organisations that are wanting to raise their profile, or are looking to engage in a certain community, and are trying to attract a little bit more attention.

We've got people who are looking for youth workers, full-time staff, part-time staff, self-funded staff; sales roles, finance roles, and lots of volunteer positions.

You've got roles in Scotland, London, and Manchester. There are opportunities across the whole of the UK.

If you're in sales there are opportunities for you there. If you're looking to work in a mission-minded organisation, there's something for you there. We cater to the whole of the Christian market place.

There are large organisations and smaller ones. There are ones that are connected to other networks and there are independents. So it's widespread.

Jonathan: You're also developing your marketing and promotion to let Christians across the country know that you exist and that you're a portal, for them to be able to find these organisations and vacancies.

Finding A Job Just Got Easier

James: Yes, that's right.

We've had several conversations with people who have said that they wish they had known that a certain organisation existed. Often they are not terribly far away from where they're located.

So one of the things we're trying to do is raise awareness not just of opportunities, particular jobs, but also to raise awareness of organisations and what they do.

We spend a lot of money on our digital marketing. We are very proactive in how we promote our opportunities on our site. For example, one organisation was looking for somebody in Bristol. We spent a day phoning around the churches and other organisations in areas where we thought people would be interested in this role. Some of our team spent a day calling those organisations to raise the profile of that.

We do a lot online. We've got Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We're exploring vlogging and podcasts. So there are a number of avenues that we're trying to penetrate.

Jonathan: Looking at your site, there are different ways that people can search for available jobs, like distance, type of industry, or types of roles.

James: Absolutely. There's a proximity search, which extends from one mile, if you are looking for something on your doorstep. Say you're living right now in Norfolk and you are moving to High Wycombe, you can search proximity via towns or cities.

You can also search via categories. If you are only looking for volunteer opportunities, there are tags on the website. You just click on volunteer and it shows you all the opportunities associated to those organisations.