Jon Bellamy heard Ryan Cox's story.

Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox

Growing up in the care system, Ryan Cox became a rebellious and hurt young man, entering the world of crime at a young age. During his third time in prison, he encountered Jesus and his life hasn't been the same since. Jonathan Bellamy spent time with Ryan, hearing his story.

Jon: You'd been in prison on a number of occasions. What was it like going into prison the first time?

Ryan: The first time was really scary and I hated it. I was in Winson Green. You just felt the death in there. I didn't like that place at all, it was dark and dingy, with cockroaches everywhere.

Jon: Did it have any effect on you when you came out? Did you think, I wanna try to make sure I don't end up back in?

Ryan: No. I got released on my birthday, so the first thing I did is go and got drunk again, which I shouldn't have done. I should have just stayed off the drink while I had the chance, but it didn't faze me.

I had a hard time with my girlfriend. We'd got two daughters together at the time and it turned out she'd cheated on me while I was in prison every night. So I just thought, "Oh great, just move onto the next one, why not?" I was still being rebellious, with the attitude problem I had.

Jon: So you went from one relationship to another?

Ryan: Literally straight in yeah.

Jon: And you've been a father to many children haven't you?

Ryan: Yes, seven.

Jon: How do you feel about being a father?

Ryan: It's brilliant. I've missed out on a lot of years, which I do regret, but I'm back in contact with one of my daughters now after four years and working with the rest of my kids.

Jon: How long was your final sentence?

Ryan: Seven months.