Paul Calvert spoke with Daniel Kolenda, President and CEO of Christ for all Nations, about his views on Israel, how he got the job, taking over from Reinhard Bonnke, and his passion to reach people with the gospel.

Daniel Kolenda with Paul Calvert
Daniel Kolenda with Paul Calvert

Paul: What is Christ for all Nations?

Daniel: It's an evangelistic ministry. It was founded by a man named Reinhard Bonnke.

At that time a young German evangelist missionary went to southern Africa, Lesotho, just to tell people about Jesus. The Lord gave him a vision on four consecutive nights of the entire continent of Africa being washed in the blood of Jesus. He heard the Holy Spirit say "Africa will be saved" and that was the beginning of the ministry that began doing these massive campaigns all over the continent.

Since 1987 more than 76 million people have come to Christ in our campaigns. When I say 76 million I am not talking about estimations, these are people who have prayed with counsellors, filled out decision cards, given us their contact details and have been ushered into local churches to be discipled.

Jesus didn't say "go and make converts." He said "make disciples." So that is the ones we count and this is what we are seeing.

I think it's one of the greatest single harvest experiences that has ever happened in church history.

We don't do very many different things. We don't have hospitals. We don't have orphanages. Other people do those things much better than us. There is one thing we do very well and that is we preach the gospel with clarity and with demonstration of power; the sick are healed, the dead are raised, blind eyes opened, cripples walk, and Jesus is glorified and the kingdom of God is growing.

Paul: Why are you in Israel?

Daniel: I am leading a tour group. I was invited by Pastor Wayne Hilsden to speak at the FIRM conference that is happening and I thought since I am going I will bring some people with me. I thought maybe 30 or 40 people would come, and instead 500 people later we are here.

The last week or so we have been touring around Israel going to the sites. I have gotten to meet some wonderful people along the way and built some new friendships and relationships, so it has been an adventure to say the least.

Paul: As you travel around Israel is this really opening up the Bible for you?

Daniel: I have been here a few times before. I think this is my fifth time here, but even so, every time we visit one of these places, the experience is new and fresh.

We were at the Mount of Beatitudes and my father was reading Matthew 6. We were all supposed to be reading it together, but as I just thought about Jesus standing in that place saying those things I choked up. I couldn't even read anymore, just the emotions were overwhelming. So even though I have been here a few times there is always a fresh emotional experience that happens and it's wonderful. It helps to build your faith. It helps to give a whole new perspective on the Bible. You have heard this before, it's kind of cliché, but it's true, the Bible really comes to life and you never read it the same way again.

Paul: Is Israel an important place for you to come and share a message?