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El McMeen
El McMeen

Last time, I wrote about Psalm 37:4 and the amazing promise of God in that verse of Scripture:

"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

God loves us to delight in Him, and He loves to shower blessings on us. He doesn't do it as payback or reward. (After all, we are just pipsqueaks-albeit favored ones.) Instead, He does it because He's huge, He's got a huge heart, and our delight glorifies Him.

If we don't routinely experience these blessings, the reason is on our end; we have obstacles that we have created (or we have allowed the devil to create) that impede receiving these blessings - things like unbelief, bitterness, unforgiveness, and unconfessed sin. The problem is not at God's end. He gave us something bigger than we can even imagine - His son. Smaller blessings are no problem for Him.

All of which bring me to tracts and trucks. I'm in a season of handing out tracts. I wrote three last year. One is for inmates in correctional facilities; it's called "Freedom." The other two are described on the Doxanet website.

So, a couple weeks ago I'm preparing to journey to a get-together of guitarists. I hear a word from the Lord to take with me some tracts, and drop them off at a truck stop on the way.

I assemble a collection of my faves, and take off in the car. After about an hour, I see a sign for a truck stop, but manage to miss the exit. Not a good start. I resolve to drop the tracts off on the way back.

I go to the guitarist get-together, where we have a great time playing and socializing. When the meeting is over, the weather turns bad. As I return to my home area, the weather is getting worse and worse.

Now I really am determined to get to that truck stop. I figure that the devil is trying to keep me from going there! He's trying to get me to wimp out.

This time I am careful to find the exit for the truck stop. I wend my way around in semi-treacherous weather, and follow some trucks going in that direction.

I get side-tracked. and end up at some truck inspection facility! Not good.

I get turned around, and creep out onto the main road amidst accelerating trucks, with slushy snow flying everywhere. I finally find my way to the restaurant at the truck stop. Amazingly enough, amidst the snow and wind, there is a parking place right in the front.

I take my tracts and go inside. The next problem arises: I can't find the rack for tracts that I was told existed. I look everywhere.

After wandering around for seeming hours (and getting tempted by all kinds of trucker gadgets on the shelves) I see a sign for "Game Room". I walk down the stairs and look around. Behold, off to the side, in a little corner, is the tract rack. Hallelujah! So, right next to two truckers discussing an indignity one of them had recently suffered at the hands of another trucker on the road, I tee up my tracts. Voila!

But it gets better. After I get my tracts arranged, I note some cassettes and CD's there for the truckers. I look through them, and I find two CD's on prayer and say to myself, "hey, these might be good." I didn't know the preacher, Duane Sheriff, but went back to the car, put the CD's in the changer, and headed up the road toward home.

Wow, these CD's were great! Clear, humorous, powerful and a tightly-reasoned exegesis on Scripture. I was really blessed by his messages and by the Scriptures explained.

So, the Lord doubly blessed me-maybe triply, or quadruply (if that's a word). I got to whip the devil, with the Lord's necessary help. I got to put out some tracts. (I went back two weeks later, and replenished the shelves; many of the tracts were gone.) And I was blessed and educated by teaching via a newly discovered Godly servant.

Oh, and I got a subject for this article.

"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." CR

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