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Andrea WilliamsLegal Challenge Commenced Over Human Cloning Licence
The Lawyers Christian Fellowship bring us up to date on one of the important issues of our time. [25.11.04]
Hands Off Our Grannies!
An examination of Euthanasia by the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship [25.11.04]
Rebecca BenstedPaying The Right Price For The Oldest Profession
A response from the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship to the Government Consultation on Prostitution [25.11.04]
Doug GilesClashing in the Classroom
Doug Giles challenges young Christians to 'get in the game' in this insightful read. [12.11.04]
Suzie BrockMissing The Mark: Unwanted Pregnancy, STDs & other Strange Roads
Suzie explores the far reaching arms of Gods grace in this sensitive feature. [12.11.04]
Lloyd CookeWhy Is 'Sorry' Still The Hardest Word?
Lloyd Cooke of The Saltbox Christian Centre tackles a key issue for politicians to the man on the street alike. [12.11.04]
Doug GilesThe Wild Man
Doug Giles takes a look at strong, wise, fun-loving, lioness-loving leaders - with a mission [01.11.04]
Doug GilesBarbarians R Us
Doug takes a look at the provocative issues of abortion and euthanasia [01.10.04]
Doug GilesCharacter in a Cruddy Culture
Doug shines a light on the 21st century tendancy to put a premium on style, not substance. [01.09.04]
Mal FletcherEdges: Civil Disobedience
In his TV series Edges, Christian communicator and broadcaster MAL FLETCHER examines some of the big issues of the day. Here, Mal looks at just how far we can go to protest against injustice. [01.09.04]

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