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John Smith: Final Reflection - The dangers of drug de-criminalisation
To support the de-criminalisation of drugs is to be desperately short sighted, argues Australia's JOHN SMITH. [01.10.99]
John Smith: Final Reflection - The increasingly popular secular view that religion helps society
A new wave of secular sociologists are arriving at the conclusion that religion actually "works", Australia's JOHN SMITH reports. [01.08.99]
John Smith: Final Reflections - Traditionalism vs experimentation
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH looks at the tension between traditionalism and experimentation. [01.06.99]
Glenn Kaiser: Talking Straight - Glenn Kaiser In Secret
Resurrection Band frontman and pastor GLENN KAISER looks at the unsavoury aspects of publicity hype. [01.06.99]
John Smith: Final Reflection - Suicide and depression
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH has looked into the epidemic of suicide and depression in our culture. [01.04.99]
Glenn Kaiser: Talking Straight: My Own Backyard
Some folks have taken the call to overseas missions as THE call of God as though it were the ONLY call of God for the average Christian. [01.04.99]
John Smith: Final Reflection - The realities of shepherding
Australian apologist JOHN SMITH reflects of the rough realities of a shepherding. [01.02.99]
Glenn Kaiser: Talking Straight - 'Leadership And Trends'
Resurrection Band frontman and pastor GLENN KAISER looks at attitudes to church growth. [01.02.99]
John Smith: Final Reflection - Euthanasia
Euthanasia is very much in the news. Australian apologist JOHN SMITH gives his view on the issue. [01.10.98]
Glenn Kaiser: Talking Straight: Rooted And Grounded
What does it mean to be rooted in Jesus? The issue is pondered by Chicago pastor and Resurrection Band founder GLENN KAISER. [01.10.98]

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