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Kerry ColeWalking With God When The Sky Turns Black
Kerry sensitively shares her own story of suffering, encouraging us with helpful insights. [15.04.03]
Tony FitzgeraldGod's Interest in Your Financial Interests: Sowing and Reaping
The philosophy of the world is to get all you can, can all you get, and sit on the can. This isn't the way of the Kingdom of God though as Tony shares. [03.03.03]
Why Christian Broadcasting is Difficult in This Country
J Peter Wilson, the Broadcasting Campaigns Consultant for Evangelical Alliance, spells out the harsh reality of Christian broadcasting in Britain. [27.02.03]
Tony CummingsCross Rhythms Festival: Gideon's Heart
The unexpected cry of "small is beautiful" is behind the announcement of the recommencement of the CROSS RHYTHMS FESTIVAL in Devon in 2003. Tony Cummings reports. [07.01.03]
Chris Cole FRSAThe Positive Aspect Of Negativity
Does every cloud have a silver lining? With the church in numerical decline, is there a positive side to that? Chris unpacks his thinking. [06.01.03]
Tony FitzgeraldGod's Interest in Your Financial Interests: Living Financially Free
Do you love money? Are you seeking it? Or is it just a means to an end? Tony helps us to look at how we value money in our lives. [01.01.03]
Tony Cummings24-7
The day-and-night prayer initiative 24-7, birthed from a fellowship in Chichester, is spreading like wildfire across Britain's churches. Kelly Smith reports on this unexpected youth revolution. [03.12.02]
Kerry ColeHelp, God! I need Your Mercy!
Do you fail and fall short? Join the club. Kerry encourages us with her story in this feature. [06.11.02]
Tony CummingsMeanwhile, at Conway House...
Tony Cummings spends some time with three members of the Cross Rhythms team to learn of the latest developments in the Cross Rhythms ministry. [01.11.02]
Chris Cole FRSAIf You've Got Nothing Worth Dying For, You've Got Nothing Worth Living For
Chris encourages us to fight those issues of self and really start to seek the Kingdom within where the true power of our faith lies in this article. [27.09.02]

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