Genesis 3:9, Deuteronomy 30:19-20

James Galloway
James Galloway

Last night I was being a little reflective regarding the awesome journey that we are on and it again dawned on me how privileged we are...

... Every week I blog on activity regarding this privileged adventure but last night I realised that, for me, it hasn't always been this way. I again realised that I have been part of the struggle in church life where it's tough, demoralising & extremely frustrating.

This blog is for people struggling in church life.

This blog is not meant to be condescending or patronising.

I can write this blog because I genuinely know what it is to be in that difficult place. I hope this helps...

... Have you ever asked the question regarding why God called out to Adam (Genesis 3:9) "Where are you?'

Like, didn't God know?

Well yes, of course God knew... but did Adam?

Very often, in my experience, church fails to break through because it fails to recognise where it is. In my experience, regarding church, the best way to bring something to life is to recognise that its dead.

So here is the tough blog that may help (purely based on experience) you to discover some harsh realities that I wish I had been told years ago...

Four items of evidence that the church is dying & four ways to combat it:

A Lack of External Influence

For me, this was the start of me recognising dying church. When a church or leader becomes an island then they become isolated from what is happening elsewhere in Christendom. What happens is that they begin to set the rules of what is 'alive' simply because there are no comparisons to be had. A church 'alive' will be bringing in the best speakers and have relationship with churches, people, leaders and organisations who are bigger, more prolific and who add value to the life of the church. A lack of external influence begins to occur when insecurity begins to set in. It is such a small thing but it's SO big.

COMBAT IT: by simply getting alongside people who make you feel insecure. David Shearman once told me, 'Learn to dine with the big boys' and it is so true... Invest in yourself and get to the conferences. Travel. Invest in your church and get the leading ministries on the planet to come to you!! Kill this insecurity before it takes over.