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Monday 8th August 2011

Jesus music's Janny Grein dies in Texas

JESUS music pioneer Janny Grein died of cancer in Fort Worth, Texas on 4th August. A native of Arkansas, Janny was working the mainstream clubs until she and her husband Bill both experienced a spiritual awakening after watching the film King Of Kings on TV. In 1976 Janny became the second artist signed to the newly birthed Sparrow Records. Her albums 'Free Indeed' (1976), 'Covenant Woman' (1977) and 'He Made Me Worthy' (1978) all became popular on US Christian radio. Later in her ministry Janny wrote the book Called, Appointed, Anointed and over the last few years has released albums independently, the last being 'River Rising' in 2009. Janny's public memorial service will be held at Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth on 9th August. An article about Janny will be published soon by Cross Rhythms. CR

Reader Comments

Posted by M Rainford in Tampa Florida @ 16:33 on May 15 2016

Decided to listen to my favorite songs by Janny this am(5/15/16) had no idea she had ascended to be with our wonderful Lord and Savior. She has blessed me for years and will continue to. Looking forward to the day when we are all in his presence daily. Rest Janny, you your music lives ..

Posted by Kay Adams in Columbus, Ohio @ 19:04 on Jan 21 2016

As a new Christian in 1979, I heard Janny's Jesus praising, amazing worship and ministering music because of the my friend Becky who played her all the time. Janny's music has always been part of my own personal worship to our Great Lord. I was honored to see her perform at a church in upstate New York. Her music is awesome and hard to come by. I wish it were played on Christian radio. Where can I get those CD's now. (I once had all the 8 tracks...those were the days!) I am grateful!

Posted by Jeannie Hendrickson in Joplin, MO @ 13:15 on Nov 22 2015

I graduated from Joplin High School in 1964 with Janice James (Janny). She was a Joplin, MO resident. My mother and hers were friends. Just wondered how it was decided her residence was Arkansas?

Posted by Neil Barnes in Johannesburg, South Africa @ 13:56 on Jul 6 2015

Janny's music had a great effect on my life in the late 70s when I was a new believer. Janny's music was always based on the Word and had great anointing. 'Covenant woman' had a great effect on my life. I recall the words of the songs and sing them even today.

Posted by J B Wade in Fort Worth, Tx @ 21:24 on Jul 2 2015

I discovered Janny at Calvary Cathederal , the one than blew away in the tornado years ago. Rodney Howard Brown's service. She is remarkable. Her song, "Stronger Than Before" saved my life and mind when I lost my son in a custody battle and his dad kidnapped him. He was 14 yrs old at the time. I did not see him again until he was 17. I cried myself to sleep for three months while I listened to that song at night til GOD brought me comfort and healed my heart and mind. Then I heard Gloria Copeland preach the message when GOD told her to pray for 'mercy to cover her son John', I began to pray that for my son. When he left his dad at age 17 and told me he was coming home, I know God kept him for me all those years. I still pray that for my son today and his family.I'm so grateful for her and the music she brought to us. Thank you Janny.

Posted by Doc Haynes in Australia @ 21:18 on Jun 15 2015

Great music we can all be blessed to keep the music moving The lord Jesus is the Christ.

Posted by Donna Caldwell in Orlando, Fla @ 05:57 on May 30 2015

I bought 2 cassette tapes by Janny at a Rodney Howard Brown meeting, I played it the other day and it broke. Where can I buy more of her music? Spiritual freedom, Janny. Love her music.

Posted by Joshua in Texas/Tennessee/Virginia @ 07:05 on Apr 26 2015

This is the first music my young ears heard in East Texas in the early eighties. I recently bought a copy of the album me and my sister grew up on as toddlers. I still remember so much of it even though it must be close to 30 years ago. This music is a blessing and touched my life is unknown ways. I bought two records and when the other comes in the mail I will send it to my mother who will enjoy listening to Janny again. "Build your house on a rock!"

Posted by Portia in Chicago @ 19:45 on Mar 21 2015

WOW, I just happen to think of Janny's song and started to singing it here at home moment ago. "All of my life I searched for you......and I thought, wonder what Janny is doing these days..... so I went on the web and searched her name. I had no Idea she was fighting cancer. II first heard Janny sing in the late 1980's at Wheaton Christian Center. At the time I was really going through what I call a LIFE experience. Janny began singing her song, "All of my heart". That song changed my life. I later did puchase her book entitled, Called, Appointed and Anointed which really gave me insight and direction in the area of the call to minister to the lost. God Bless You Janny. Thank you so much for the music you left on this side of life. May all who hears it experience the impact of salvation and deliverance as did.

Posted by Lana in New Jersey @ 10:41 on Mar 19 2015

Janny's music was very transformative to me in the early years of my walk with the Lord. Years later I am a Pastor, and in a moment of great spiritual challenge, her music came back to my heart. I was so happy to find her music on YouTube, and tried to look her up to see if I could have her come perform. I was so saddened to see she had passed, but I know where she is, and I am so happy for her. I will hear her sing again when I join her.

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