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Monday 1st July 2002

Worship pioneer Kevin Prosch restored to public ministry

AMERICA'S internationally known worship leader Kevin Prosch has been restored to public ministry, three years after admitting to a string of affairs. Prosch, whose popular recordings include 'Come To The Light' and 'Reckless Mercy', is being "released for public ministry without reservations" by the church that oversaw his restoration process. Kit Buschman, president of the Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches based in Amarillo, Texas, said that Prosch had served on staff with a member congregation for more than a year, during which time leaders had seen his "passion for righteousness and godly character."

Widely recognized as one of the leading figures in contemporary worship, Prosch shocked many when he stepped down in April 1999 after admitting to having "committed adultery and used my gifting to manipulate the women involved...for my own selfish gain and personal pleasure." In an open letter to the Christian community he expressed his remorse to his ex-wife, family, friends and others for "disappointing and hurting you."

Buschman said in a statement that he and others had seen in Prosch, now remarried, "the character, giftings and anointing as a man of God." They believed that "God has fully restored Kevin and the Church should also." CR

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Reader Comments

Posted by Tara Chisholm in Beaverbank @ 03:37 on Oct 20 2017

I wish I could find info about tour dates for Atlantic Canada...Nova Scotia ...Kevin's songs are still current and applicable..The Christian life is fraught with trials...all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. point is everyone struggles with something's how we get up agan and dont stay in that place of failure ..we allow Jesus to redeem it through obedience and dependance on his strength. ..

Posted by terry rosado in Okla City Okla. Crestwood. Vin @ 01:16 on Jul 22 2016

Wish Kevin would come to our Vineyard & do a concert that would reflect the 90 s. era. & draw the baby boomers
Bback into Gods & the Holy Spirits presence. WE havve never talked personally, but I believe that Kevin is a diamond in the hands of God used to draw & heal peoples hearts hence the KISS THE SON album. I saw Kevin in Edmond OK. way back. in late 90s. Most annointef musician I have ever heard. Best songs lyrics etc God
breathed.We all fail Stay up & keep writing, just want to say Thankyou Kevin & KEEP WRITING!!!!!

Posted by George in Gloucester, UK @ 16:46 on Jun 9 2016

powerful stuff - not sure what I believe or feel about all this anointing business, everyone sins and sin hurts us, big fall from grace, but what's new? Kevin Prosch's music is moving, heartfelt, passionate and is for sharing and hearing. Pretty sure God meant to make him the singer, writer and musician he is for the benefit of people in general. Nice that Kevin is making music and it's being put out for us to hear.

Posted by Melody Terai in Prince George, BC Canada @ 20:47 on Apr 25 2016

So very happy to hear you are well and God is bringing you to the fullness of his promises for you. Your music spoke the language of the pain in my heart. I am glad that the Holy Spirit heard the cry of your heart for healing and you were able to come too.

Posted by Debra in California @ 18:19 on Apr 24 2016

I love the gift that Papa God gave to Kevin Proch and have been listening to his music for years. Our walk with God is not about what we do for Papa God, it is what Papa God does for us that is glorious. God is love and His love is in us and all around us now and forever for those who are in Christ Jesus. He will never leave us or forsake us. Harp in My Heart is one of my favs.

Posted by Chris Peterson in Eugene Vineyard-Michael French @ 04:54 on Dec 12 2015

Vineyard Pastor Michael French went to Gloryland and has made it to the other side. We will have a "Celebration of life" for him on Jan. 10th 2016 @ 6:30pm - Sunday - @ Hosanna Christian Fellowship - Pastor- Frank C.- Eugene, Or.--- We will do 90's Vineyard songs in memory of Michael and the early Eugene Vineyard days. We will have an open Mic. for Mike for prayers,memories,stories, goodbyes ??? We will be doing a few of your songs Kevin.( Mike loved your music) want you to know that you have personally impacted my life and many others here in Or. and the Great NW. Still have the fishing pics of you and the band salmon fishin. Good times !!! Glad your back in the light. --- More info on Michael's memorial - contact cpcrispy45@msn. -

Posted by Paul in Scotland @ 17:11 on Jul 19 2015

This is the first time I have read anything about Kevin coming back to the Lord, i did come to the Lord through his worship. Cut long story short I travled the world through the Lord played in worship as musician, was in full time ministry , and now I do not walk with the Lord anymore as I back slide many yrs ago , but now find myself with many sleepless nights due to hearing a song called save us oh god by Kevin I put i on one day in he car as I was cleaning out old CDs and just came on and it me like a flood I had to pull over as I was so upset and now I just don't know how to return to the Lord please pray for me all the best to all , paul

Reply by Debra in California @ 17:55 on Apr 24 2016

The Lord has never let you go. He is in you and knows you for you are wonderfully and fearfully made by Him. He does not condemn you so please do not condemn yourself. While we were yet sinners He sent us His son so that we could return to our Father who loves us unconditionally. God bless you brother.

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Reply by Rick in Maryland @ 02:21 on Nov 18 2015


God is Love's His being ..Love ..and all we need to do is keep going to Him over and over until we have that assurance..that inward and immediate assurance of forgiveness and healing

Then keep going and going to Jesus just because He Loves us and that is what the goal of this life is about ....nearness with God

Hope you have forgiven yourself as well ..must do that because once we repent and return...He holds no grudges..He forgives generously

Ok hope you well ....I pray now for you

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Reply by Buck Eichler in Oregon, USA @ 01:01 on Aug 22 2015

Hi Paul. I read your comment and saw myself in it. I backslid so hard for so long, and several times I tried to come back but to no avail. I think it was because God knew my heart was not truly repentant, and I really only wanted to feel happiness again.
The enemy has never asked me to forsake the Lord and follow him. Rather, he tries to convince me that I can "have it all." But that's a lie. The path is narrow.
The Lord restored me when I reached the end of myself. I don't know how it all works. I don't think there is a standard formula, but I just want to say hello brother, and somehow impart that you are every bit as loved by God as you ever were. You are his son, and he longs for you. That much I know.
I'm pretty sporadic about prayer, but I will try to remember you.
In Jesus, -Buck

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Reply by Chris in Leicestershire @ 01:01 on Aug 18 2015

Paul don't give up! In the last few days I have returned to the Lord after backsliding.Here's what I did. Googled 'backsliders prayer'which I prayedout loud and then I just sat for quite a while and told the lLord all my sin as it came into my head.I was just completely honest with him.He really met me.I feel raw and naked and so aware of how I need him.In other words not comfortable but honest before him and its the best my life has been for a very long time.And now I am just doing the prayer and worship that allows him to pour his love over me.For me that means listening to worship songs and engaging with the ones that touch my heart and bring me more into his presence. It may be something different for you.There's no formula : )All the best.I feel for you.I know what its luke to fall from grace.But he's there, he really is.

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Posted by Andrew Beardsley in Christchurch, New Zealand @ 09:34 on Jun 15 2015

Hi Kevin, & a big load of love & Blessings to you. When i have asked God for Forgiveness for my sins, my Bible reads that Farther remembers our sin no more. So that,s what i,m going to do. Great to see you,ve done the hard yards with recovery, well done it certainly takes guts & effort to work though all that you,ve had to face. Your song Son Come has had me in tears so many time, & many other people i have played it to. Keep up the good work old son, & i do look forward to the new sounds of heaven, coming from the lord to yourself & team. God bless you richly, lots of genuine love & support always, Andrew.

Posted by Lane in United States @ 04:28 on Nov 25 2014

'Tumbling Ground'The Black Peppercorns' ,one of the best collections ever, of truly spiritual songs. Saw Kevin Prosch in concert with the Black Peppercorns got the cassette tape wore it out. Bought the CD and buy every copy available. Very hard to find. Maybe the table he set was to big for some 'Christians' but, I found it powerful and mind altering, in a good way. I respect any musician who can enter the halls of 'praise' n 'worship' especially with Kevin Prosch's openness and personal disclosure. Maybe everyone was 'to busy with their praise' to notice his pain and cognitive dissonance. I find it earns him even more of my unsolicited respect. Proves his humanity. Actually, I am kinda surprised things did not go off the rails sooner and with much worse consequences. There have always been groupies and musicians who are willing to validate their desires. Gifting or no gifting.I really like the 'cast the first stone bit' I stopped casting stones about male fragility and spiritual switchbacks a while back. My own stuff is enuff. Besides ,there is no better healer than a wounded and broken healer. We are all botched and bungled. Keep the faith.

Posted by Peter in Surrey @ 13:03 on Aug 4 2014

Kevin Prosch has a personal annointing that is very powerful. I am a musician and I have heard many christian musicians and music recordings. Pretty sure I've never heard anything like Kevin. Much of what I have heard elsewhere has been water, but Jesus turned Kevin's water into wine. My heart and spirit are more open to his ministry through music than almost any other. This is God's doing, not his. I honour the annointing, whilst not condoning the confessed sinfulness. We all hate sin, that's why we love Jesus in whom there is no sin. But we know sometimes the flesh gets the better of us. Let's keep on crucifiying it! Love to you Kevin in his holy name. I know I heard something from heaven when I heard you and your people sing and play!

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