New book The Worst Album Covers In the World.Ever features many Christian albums.

OBSCURE CHRISTIAN albums of the past will receive some unexpected (and probably unwelcome) publicity with the publication of a new book The Worst Album Covers In The World.Ever, compiled by Nick Difonzo, published by New Holland on November 1st. Although featuring sleeves by artists in all musical styles the book does bring to light a disproportionately high number of Christian music releases such as Wayne Carr's 'Jesus Loves Me' and Alvis Barnett And The Barnett's 'If You Don't Believe We're Real Hide And Watch' (the latter highlighted in the October issue of Mojo Magazine). Said Difonzo about the sleeve which features three dismembered heads floating above what looks like a park bench, "Alvis Barnett seems to have been a country/rock 'n' roll type from Bakersfield who found Jesus. The record's standard gospel country with a bit more humour than usual. It's not nearly as weird as you'd expect from the cover."

Commented Cross Rhythms editor about the Christian sleeves featured in The Worst Album Covers In the World.Ever, "It's not really surprising - limited resources have meant that many albums have been put out with little or no money or effort going into the sleeves plus Christians have gone in for questionable fashions - big hair, polyester leisure suits etc. etc. Currently, in their humour page, Pewburner, Christian Herald are running a series of ghastly Christian sleeves from yesteryear, every bit a bad as the ones in The Worst Album Covers In the World.Ever. We believers have been doing this 'so bad its brilliant' schtick for decades!" CR

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