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Breakspear: The Lancashire group with a multi-media project
An important new multi-media project The Mishkan is the latest work of Lancashire's BREAKSPEAR. Tony Cummings went to see and hear. [01.11.01]
Breakspear: Fishing in the deepBreakspear: Fishing in the deep
One of the most colourful, yet hard hitting, communicators In British CCM is BREAKSPEAR. Tony Cummings spoke to the karaoke prophet. [01.02.99]
Breakspear: The eccentric British rock dance actBreakspear: The eccentric British rock dance act
Anarchic, surreal, down right weird. And that's just their costumes. But behind rock dance experimentalists BREAKSPEAR is serious spiritual intent as Andrew Long found out. [01.08.95]

Breakspear products
  Product Image: Breakspear - In Pursuit Of Tal Vol 1 2005 Messianic Album:
Breakspear - In Pursuit Of Tal Vol 1
9 squares
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  Product Image: Breakspear - Stand Vol 2 2005 Messianic Album:
Breakspear - Stand Vol 2
8 squares
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  Product Image: Breakspear - The Mishkan 2001 Pop Album:
Breakspear - The Mishkan
8 squares
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  Product Image: Breakspear - But Is It Kosher? 2000 Pop Album:
Breakspear - But Is It Kosher?
9 squares
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  1995 Dance/Electronic Album:
Breakspear - Shake Your Fling: The Munkee Mixes
5 squares
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  1995 Pop Single:
Breakspear - The Twister
7 squares
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  1994 Messianic Album:
Breakspear - Fling
7 squares
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  Product Image: Breakspear - Fishing In The Deep Pop Album:
Breakspear - Fishing In The Deep
9 squares
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Cross Rhythms Festival 1999: A report on the festival by some of the artists who performed
We asked eight bands and soloists who played the fest to give us their impressions of what they saw and heard at CROSS RHYTHMS '99. [01.10.99]
World Wide Message Tribe: Manchester's dance pioneers jumping in the house of GodWorld Wide Message Tribe: Manchester's dance pioneers jumping in the house of God
As the momentum continues to increase and the doors continue to open, Tony Cummings talks to Manchester's pioneers of sanctified dance, the WORLD WIDE MESSAGE TRIBE. [01.04.96]
Rhythm Saints: The dance duo based in Los Angeles
Already gaining rave reviews in Billboard is the hot new album by the RHYTHM SAINTS Francis Blight spoke to the team's Stephen Nixon. [01.04.96]
Three Hot Days In Devon: The Cross Rhythms Festival 1995
The sun shone, the Spirit flowed and the music played on and on. Over three glorious days on 7th, 8th and 9th July, 3,000 people came to Risdon Farm, Okehampton, Devon to experience the fifth Cross Rhythms Festival: Table In The Wilderness. With the words of some of those present and the photographs of Lukas Willcocks we record some of the sights and sounds of Cross Rhythms '95. And we kick off this tribute with a word-for-word transcription of a word from God brought to the festival by Australian prophet musician Stephen Bennett. [01.10.95]
Children Of The TribeChildren Of The Tribe
DAVID WOODMAN, MAX and DOUG WALKER are all Manchester-based musicians who in years past have worked with The Tribe. Tony Cummings investigates. [13.02.06]

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Style: World
Approach: Prophetic

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Country: United Kingdom

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