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Psalmistry: The radical rock dance revisionists
PSALMISTRY have released their strongest album so far through ICC. Tony Cummings quizzed the band's Edi Johnston. [01.10.00]
Psalmistry: Rebels in the student bar
Their superlative 'Armchair Rebellion' album takes break beat techno hip-hop experimentalists PSALMISTRY to a new level. Mike Rimmer reports. [01.06.99]
Psalmistry: Spiritual songs, banging beatsPsalmistry: Spiritual songs, banging beats
Looking forward to taking the Cross Rhythms '97 crowd to delirium are new West Country team PSALMISTRY. DJ Coopoid spoke to the band's Edi and Tony. [01.06.97]

Psalmistry products
  Product Image: Psalmistry - All This Noise 2000 Dance/Electronic Album:
Psalmistry - All This Noise
10 squares
Read review Listen Buy now for 4.99
  Product Image: Psalmistry - Armchair Rebellion 1998 Dance/Electronic Album:
Psalmistry - Armchair Rebellion
10 squares
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  Product Image: Psalmistry - By Your Side 1997 Dance/Electronic Album:
Psalmistry - By Your Side
10 squares
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  1997 Dance/Electronic EP:
Psalmistry - Double Edged
8 squares
Read review Listen Buy now for 3.00
  1997 Dance/Electronic EP:
Psalmistry - Double Edged
8 squares
Read review Listen Buy now for 3.00

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N-Soul Records: The Californian record companyN-Soul Records: The Californian record company
N-SOUL RECORDS has been the pioneering force in the Church's gradual move into the realm of contemporary dance music. [01.09.01]
Teen Pop: A summary of some young Christian bands
A phenomenal surge of youthful acts are now making a serious challenge to the Britneys and Westlifes of popdom. A decidedly old Tony Cummings reports on the young gospel popsters. [01.02.01]
SNL: Urban revolutionaries
Which band would travel 100 miles just to practise? Angela Hutchinson spoke with DJ Quiq of SNL to find out. [01.12.99]
DJ Coopoid: A-Z
With DJ COOPOID (otherwise known as Andy Cooper) taking a sabbatical from the weekly dance show on Cross Rhythms radio he's presented from 1995 to 1999, it seemed an appropriate moment for the sanctified dance maestro to offer this A_Z guide. [01.08.99]
Cross Rhythms Festival 1999: A report on the festival by some of the artists who performed
We asked eight bands and soloists who played the fest to give us their impressions of what they saw and heard at CROSS RHYTHMS '99. [01.10.99]

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