The Engine That Drives Cross Rhythms

  • 50.00 - Thank you for all that you do for young people - may God bless your ministry abundantly.
  • $200.00 - Luv'ing Cross Rhythms!!
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  • 500.00 - I have faith that you will receive your breakthrough and that God will use Crossrhythms to bring hope to people all over the world.

In recent years God has called us to stretch out and establish some very fresh and challenging, yet exciting, media visions. And you have shared in the adventures of these pioneering works with us.

First of course was Radio Hayah: our unique online community station for Palestinian youth! Whenever I think of its base near Bethlehem’s Manger Square, or I log onto its Arabic website, I am amazed at what God has drawn us into – using us, through media, to serve and build relationships with the people of that great city, and to share a message of hope in Jesus. Bit by bit we’re doing our part to see the Kingdom of God get mixed into that ancient land!

Radio Hayah Presenter Elias

And you’ll be encouraged to hear that the work is getting stronger too. Right now, we’re in discussions with a wonderful group of Palestinian Christians about a potential partnership to take Radio Hayah to the next level. Please pray with me for this connection. More on that in the future!

No sooner had we got Radio Hayah up and running, and God called us to pioneer another vital vision. This time for the teenagers of our own nation, through an all new online Visual Radio station, tackling the issues that bombard our youth today, like self-harm, sexting, online bullying, eating disorders, sexuality and gender. Our vision? To be part of the resurrection of a generation back to Father God!

You’ve followed our progress in setting up xRhythms this last year, and I can tell you today that the website, with its unique new media player, is nearly complete; the team of young, relevant communicators is growing; and praise God we’ve reached over 50% of our financial target for all the equipment and set up costs! In my next letter I’ll share loads more with you about XR!

These ministries are extraordinary. But, today I want to commend to you the engine, the core that undergirds all we do. I don’t shout about it much, yet it is an amazing ministry in its own right without which none of our other pioneering works could even be considered…

It all goes on in our miracle-provision building, our HQ, in Stoke-on-Trent. Out of it, Cross Rhythms City Radio has been filling the FM airwaves of the city, 24/7, for the last 15 years! As the UK’s first FM Community Radio station, and first full FM licence ever awarded to a Christian body, it was unique back in 2002, but it is just as pioneering and vital a tool for the UK Christian church today.

Cross Rhythms City Radio is the model station that supports and undergirds three other stations: CR Plymouth, CR Teesside and Bethlehem’s Radio Hayah. At a time when Christianity is increasingly marginalised, these stations are an active part of their city’s life; interviewing hundreds of people across the marketplace every year and building bridges of relationship with councilors, MPs, businesses, teachers, event coordinators, church leaders, youth workers and many others.

Chris Mountford CR Programme Controller

Here’s an example: This year, we’re interviewing the 44 councillors in our city. Each one tours the station and meets the team. Then live on air we profile their role in the city and their work in their ward. It is a very positive engagement that ends with an offer of prayer. Almost all take us up on this, emailing us later their three prayer points!

The ethos of Cross Rhythms radio is about transformation in society. We are not ‘church on air’ for Christians. Rather, we pursue programming that is actively engaged in everyday life with everyday people; meeting people’s needs practically, emotionally and spiritually. As we do, we trust our ‘light’ shines before men and the Holy Spirit works through us.

Here’s another example: "A lady from Moorcroft Pottery just called, (about something else), but while on the phone she told me that a lot of people in the factory listen to Cross Rhythms. She knows because they all tell her, as she's the one Christian in the place!"

Or there’s this one told to CR Plymouth: "I was at my recovery meeting when one of our members starting chatting to me. She said she had been struggling with depression after the break-up of her relationship and felt really alone and broken. Her work colleagues had been noticing that she was very quiet and not her usual self. One day on her lunch break she heard music playing and listened to the words. It was Cross Rhythms. After she had listened she felt something lift from her. She said that her depression has gone and she feels so much more at peace within herself."

As well as influencing those we interview and those who listen, working at the station opens up many other opportunities for Kingdom influence. For example, Heather writes regularly on topical issues in the local newspaper and earlier this year, in my role as Chair of the City Centre Partnership, I was able to invite and bring along 11 key city centre business leaders to the Civic Prayer Breakfast.

Civic Prayer Breakfast

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like “yeast that is mixed into a large amount of flour until it works all through the dough” (Luke 13:20-21). That’s our philosophy! We’re working to mix Kingdom yeast through the large batch of dough in our cities!

Sometimes the Kingdom advances with a big jump, like the launch of a Radio Hayah or an xRhythms. Othertimes, like yeast in the dough it is the gradual, relentless advance that comes through perseverance and continuing faithfulness to the vision God has called you to stand for. That is what is at the core of Cross Rhythms radio. That is what informs and fuels our motivation.

Can I invite you: Would you help our Kingdom radio cause to rise even more effectively in the cities God has put us? We have a target of £10,000 and a goal to add 50 new CR Friends this year, in order to strengthen our Cross Rhythms core, and with it, all the other CR ministries. Your support would really help us to achieve that goal. Thank you!