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Hello, everyone.

I once listened to Mike Peters on his website and he is really good. I just have to listen to him a little more to get the idea glued in there!

I read that Mike's a Christian. Although he does not record for any Christian labels, he is one of the great British rock artists.

Would any of you say his songs have changed lives, even though he is not labeled as a Christian artist?

What do you know about Mike Peters of the Alarm? Have you ever listened to him? What do you say about him and his music?

- Penderwen:biggrin:

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Thursday 18 October 2001

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:shocked:Don't any of you know anything about Mike Peters? Sheesh, I thought everyone in Britain knew about this guy.

- Penderwen
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Tuesday 23 October 2001

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I thought he was the guy that drew the "Mother Goose and Grimm" cartoons--cartoonist for the Miami Herald or Cincinnati Enquirer, or something like that.  Guess not.
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Thursday 22 November 2001

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Singer with the Alarm..playing Shepherd's Bush Empire on 19 December........not done much in the mainstream in recent years...last seen at Greenbelt with Colorsound - featuring Billy Duffy of The Cult and someone who used to be in The Mission - good gig !

Hope that helps !
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Thursday 22 November 2001

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Was a huge fan of The Alarm in my teens (that's a very long time ago!!!) And have seen a couple of his solo gigs since then - he's never stopped rockin'.  Last time I saw him at a small festival in Swansea in 2000.  He was touring old Alarm songs with full band (not the origionals) they called themselves Alarm 2000, did bring back memories of the good 'ol days.  I'm not sure that his songs have changed lives maybe they have, but what he does do well is huge possitive anthams, standing up for what's good and right in a nutshell.

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Friday 8 March 2002

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He played just up the road from me a few months back! There's a big review of a load of the Alarm albums in CR this month.
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Thursday 14 March 2002

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I seem to remember seeing him play with a band at the last Greenbelt that was at Deene Park.....

it was called something like "Ocean Colour Scene" but obviously not that becuase there already is a band called this!

Anyway I thought they were absolutely fantastic and they said there would be an album and stuff on the way but nothing happened......?
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Friday 15 March 2002
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