From: Steve
Location: , Essex, England

Simply the best Christian radio station in the UK! Thank you! We need a station like this on air in Essex!

Added Tuesday 4th November 2008

From: dickson
Location: Dakar, Senegal, Senegal

All i have to say is thank you Lord Jesus I will always praise my dear Jesus!! Thank you Lord. John4Jesus

Added Saturday 4th October 2008

From: Murphy
Location: london, essex, uk

OMG, I had a dream about your radio station, Im not too religiouse, well until now. Anyway, I am working to help poor familys have good christmas's

Added Monday 8th September 2008

From: Michael
Location: , United States of America

This is a Great Radio station, Keep on witnessing to the world.

Added Sunday 7th September 2008

From: Chris Palmer
Location: Aldershot, Hants, England

Great radio station and a fantastic website, we have so very few Christian radio stations over here in England, unlike our friends in the US, I hope and pray that God will bless your radio station and keep you online.

Added Tuesday 29th July 2008

From: Eric

This is a very good site. Regards, Eric

Added Thursday 24th July 2008

From: keijo
Location: södertälje, sweden

And fair and nice peace will enter in me right now like milk river from heaven and and my joy and experience is wonderful joy and pleasure and celebrate and now I will go an and praise my dear Jesus for salvation to me and aboundet life too. let our voice be heard in everywhere for Jesus and his love,pray for your people too,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden

Added Sunday 29th June 2008

From: Isaac
Location: Chennai, TN, India

Programs in God T.V. is really a BIG blessing to us.

Added Saturday 28th June 2008

From: david common
Location: Sunderland, ENGLAND


Added Friday 20th June 2008

From: enid silversides
Location: Derby, derbyshire, united kingdom

I have just found this web site. it's great to see coments from christian believers. i have just been watching Lovie Giglio DVD Indescribable God. and How great is our GOD, I reccomend them to you all. What an amazing GOD we have. and he cares for you. and me,

Added Saturday 14th June 2008

From: Tony Bowles
Location: Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom

This is a really nice site, I have saved it as one of my favourites. God Bless. Tony

Added Thursday 5th June 2008

From: Friet

Great site!

Added Saturday 17th May 2008

From: Martin F
Location: Beverley, UK

Good to see what you are up to Ben, but how did you convince them to let you be in charge. I hope you have a good team to support you!!

Added Tuesday 13th May 2008

From: Allan
Location: , Sweden

Hi. I found your Website by Yahoo! And I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. In Rev. 18:4 the Lord commands his people to come out of Babylon the great. Of this command it is easy to understand where Babylon is. Babylon the great is where God's people are. How else could the people come out of Babylon, if they not already are there? Where are the Christians? In the churches and the denominations! Then it is also easy to understand what Babylon the great is. It is all churches and denominations. On the Internet discussions about Babylon the great are in progress, and many are writing on their Websites about the great Babylon. This discussion ought to have been finished a long time ago. Now it is high time to go from word to action, and obey the command of the Lord, and leave Babylon. Have YOU obeyed the Lord's command and left the great Babylon? I did it 42 years ago. What is Babylon the great? It is all churches and denominations. God is the Love, but God's love does not hinder us to study God's word

Added Thursday 8th May 2008

From: Evodio
Location: Puebla, Mexico, Mexico

This is a greath site, I love the Christian music, i listen the radio every night(Puebla´s time)

Added Monday 28th April 2008

From: Ian Whitwood
Location: Haslington, Cheshire, England

Thank you Cross RHYTHMS for publicising Beacon. The prayer for schools on Thursday evening was awesome! Stoke is buzzing!! God is good.

Added Saturday 26th April 2008

From: Dan Dandy
Location: , USA

this site has always been a favourite of mine. Dan Dandy

Added Monday 14th April 2008

From: Jesse
Location: Dansoman, Accra, Ghana

I love Gospel music and wanted to say hi to all the artist bye

Added Saturday 29th March 2008

From: Joseph
Location: Corona, Riverside, California, United States of America

I first came across your web site a few years ago & I must say that "Cross Rhythms" has the best music on the planet! I've heard many Christian radio stations from all over the world but none come close. Often far too many times they get stuck on what I call the broken record. Thank God for a station like yours!

Added Saturday 22nd March 2008

Location: LONDON, UK

This site is just so perfect 4u in every way, a light in the darkness x

Added Wednesday 12th March 2008

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