From: liane davies
Location: tredegar, sw uk, sw uk

amazing guestbook gr8 stuff god is good

Added Saturday 16th February 2008

From: dave common
Location: sunderland and pennywell, england

i rave for jesus god has bless me

Added Sunday 3rd February 2008

Location: sunderland and pennywell, ENGLAND


Added Tuesday 29th January 2008

From: synthia vasthi
Location: Hyderabad, India, India

it's really awesome and cool

Added Thursday 8th November 2007

From: matthew box
Location: chasetown, staffordshire, england


Added Monday 29th October 2007

From: Lisa Meintzinger
Location: sarasota, FL, sarasota, USA

Awesome website! Keep up all the great work that you do!

Added Tuesday 2nd October 2007

From: mike lalonde
Location: sudbury, canada, canada

Karen Lalonde and Mike Lalonde here, nice site youhave and we will check back.

Added Thursday 30th August 2007

From: ian pilkington
Location: plymouth, devon, uk

Message to David from 'city of discovery' - good to have you with us, stay tuned and keep praying - tell your friends! From all the guys at Cross Rhythms Radio Plymouth.

Added Thursday 26th July 2007

From: David
Location: City of Discovery, Devon, United Kingdom

Just found you on 96.3 FM, great to be able to listen in while driving around town - just need to cover that dash between car and house now!!! Brilliant tunes, encouraging words - thanks for being there [here] !!!

Added Tuesday 24th July 2007

From: mjb
Location: , USA

Thanks for playing Mutemath!

Added Saturday 21st July 2007

From: mike lalonde
Location: Thunder Bay, Canada

mike lalonde michael lalonde 1630 Agincourt Ave Sudbury WDR Tax Accountants

Added Friday 22nd June 2007

From: Shawn Coupland
Location: Westbank, British Columbia, CANADA

Wow! What an enjoyable internet radio station to listen to. So many styles of music make the station one of my favorites. I was also blessed by the testimony last Sunday( I think we are 8 hours behind UK.) about the guy who was miraculously healed. Shawn

Added Saturday 9th June 2007

From: Lou
Location: London, England

I've recently come across this site after a first time visit to Worship Central 2007, & have been blessed by it. I am really encouraged by the life section of this site, it's truly strengthening. Be not weary in well doing Cross Rythms, your work is not in vain! L.x.

Added Thursday 24th May 2007

From: darren
Location: Mississauga, Canada

I found this site randomly on the internet. By far the best radio station I have ever heard. I listen to Cross Rhyhms everyday at work. I enjoy listening to this station at work.. I am spreading the word to others about this station..

Added Friday 18th May 2007

From: Michael Gigs
Location: Cincinnati, None, France

This site is very nice! Thank you, I am going to recommend it to my friends. Michael Gigs

Added Monday 23rd April 2007

From: Leigh Shaw
Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire, England

Hi all I am a South African living in England and Cross Rhythms is great only jus found it but am hoping to just meet some fellow Christians. This site is a real encouragement.

Added Sunday 22nd April 2007

From: Mark
Location: Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Great Station-God is alive and all powerfull. Its nice to see God alive in your lives, God is moving over the earth as the Spirit circumnavigates the globe........Regards Mark, Port Alfred, South Africa.

Added Saturday 7th April 2007

From: johanna
Location: bath, somerset, england

like it here

Added Thursday 22nd March 2007

Location: Stoke-on-trent, UK

Cross Rhythms, you are fab! mike rimmer is a wonderful way for me to relax on a wed night. i love the way you play so much Kevin Max, U2, dcTalk's latest re-mixes etc. i have also enjoyed being introduced to artists i am less familiar with like Jimmy Needham, ZOEGirl, Aisha (Ayesha?) Woods. great stuff, guys. Really enjoy your website articles, prayer rooms, topic forums etc. its so good to know that so many christians are united on CR website alone. Keep rocking......

Added Wednesday 21st March 2007

From: Deb
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Love your station and the variety of music you play. I especially enjoy Mike Rimmer's is quite entertaining. I listen while I work and the time passes by quickly! I am so thankful that we, as Christians, still have the freedom to worship and praise our Lord and Savior, especially through music, without restraint! Jesus has so richly blessed me and I just praise His name! Thanks for a great station!

Added Thursday 1st March 2007

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