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Key Quotes - Family

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Last update: Sunday 25th August
Research released today reveals that 30% of fathers in the West Midlands would love to jack in the 9 to 5 and be a stay-at-home dad. The research, commissioned by Fisher-Price for National Play Week, questioned 1500 parents across the UK to determine opinions on fathers’ roles in today’s society.
The survey, which quizzed parents on attitudes to play and parenthood, also made other findings:
70% of dads in the West Midlands said they play with their kids far more than their own dads played with them.
35% of the dads surveyed considered discipline to be a mother’s role, not the traditional male role.

FamilyFisher-Price – June 2006
Catholic adoption agencies in Scotland are to be allowed to veto handing over children to homosexual couples.

FamilyThe Universe – 18th June 2006
Over two thirds (70 per cent) of mums with kids under three say they spend more on their kids' outfits than they do on their own, according to new research from financial services company, MINT. New mums now fork out an average of £406 a year on their toddlers'
wardrobes, with designer clothes being the order of the day. More than half
(63 per cent) say they've picked up the latest miniature trainers and a over
a third (41 per cent) dress their kids in designer clothes.

FamilyMINT – June 2006
A recent National Survey of Health and Development found that having a father who rarely or never joined in their son’s leisure activities at the age of 12 doubled the risk of the boy’s juvenile conviction.

FamilyCARE – July 2002
Figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions show that not only has the Government failed to meet its child poverty target for 2004/05, but also that the number of children in poor two-parent families has not fallen. There are still 2 million children living in two parent families who are in poverty. Figures also reveal that a two parent family had to earn four times as much as a comparable lone – parent family to escape poverty.

FamilyIdea – May/June 2006
One in five couples have decided not to have any children because of financial pressures, which has led to a cut in the average number of children per household. The figure has fallen from 2.4 – often quoted in sitcoms and media articles to 1.3.
FamilyThe Sentinel – 10th April 2006
A third of parents are still supporting their grown up children, handing out up to £5,000 each year. Instead of focusing on saving for their retirement, 36% of people with adult children said they were providing their offspring with financial help.

FamilyThe Sentinel – 3rd April 2006
New mothers are returning to work early because they need the money or are missing their jobs. A survey of 1,100 new and expectant mothers showed that only two out of five planned to take advantage of their full maternity leave entitlement.

FamilyThe Sentinel – 27th January 2006
Most mothers could not afford to pay someone to look after their child if they wanted to return to work. A poll of 3,000 women also found that almost half received a negative reaction from their employers when they needed time off work to be with their children.

FamilyThe Sentinel – 19th January 2006
41% of all Children Born in the UK are to unmarried couples.
FamilySocial Trends 34, Office of National Statistics
100,000 Children a year run away from Broken Homes.
FamilyThe Children’s Society
More and more Christians from different denominations are marrying each other.

FamilyChristian Herald – 21st January 2006
According to UK charity CARE, 36% of conceptions outside marriage end in abortion.

FamilyPrayer – Autumn 2005
Research has shown that although children living in poor families has been cut by 500,000 there were still 3.5 million children living in poor families – 2.1 million of these were households where one or both parents were in work and qualified for the full range of tax credits.

FamilyChristian Herald – 24th October 2005
Only 7% of couples getting married in the UK receive pre-marriage advice.

FamilyChristian Herald – 15th October 2005
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