Key Quotes - World Issues

Key Quotes - World Issues

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Last update: Monday 14th October
85% of Zambia’s labour force is in agriculture, which means that last year’s drought and subsequent maize crop failure compound existing challenges.

World IssuesThe Salvationist – 4th March 2006
In Argentina 44% of people live below the poverty line as do 45% in Bangladesh, compared to only 17% in the UK.

World IssuesThe Salvationist – 4th March 2006
A child from Mozambique will receive, on average, only around one year of schooling, while UK children will receive more than 9 years.

World IssuesThe Salvationist – 4th March 2006
99% of women over 15 years old can read and write in the UK, less than 31% can in Pakistan.

World IssuesThe Salvationist – 4th March 2006
Disturbing new evidence has appeared that up to 10 million unborn babies have been the victims of state sponsored gendercide in India in the last 20 years. Research in Chandigarh, India, showed that for the year 2001 for every 1,000 male babies born in India, there were just 933 girls. The study examined data from 134,000 births in 1997 among 6 million people living in 1.1 million households in India. The researchers found that in 1997, between 590,000 and 740,000 girls were aborted in India.

World IssuesThe Universe – 15th January 2006
In 2003, there were over 40,000 reported atrocities against Dalits, previously known as the untouchables; Dalits represent a quarter of the population that the constitution and government have completely failed. Out of the 40,000 reported atrocities only 2% went to court. Crimes such as rape, physical abuse, the burning down of houses and even murder are common occurrences against Dalits. Dalit children are forced into bonded child labour where they work 14 hour days for a minimal amount of money. An estimated 80% of Dalits earn only £35 for the entire year’s work.

World IssuesThe Church of England Newspaper – 18th November 2005
We live in a world where 30,000 people die unnecessarily each and every day from extreme poverty. A world where 1.1 billion people don’t have access to safe water and 150 million children are malnourished. A world where a women dies in childbirth every minute and every year malnutrition and preventable diseases, such as pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, malaria and HIV/AIDS kill 10 million children.

World IssuesCatholic South West – November 2005
There are 300,000 child soldiers involved in conflicts.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
More than 400,000 people are killed every year with conventional arms.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
Eight million more guns are produced every year and 16 billion bullets – more than two for every man, women and child on the planet.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
There are 639 million small arms in the world, one for every ten people, produced by more than 1,000 companies in at least 98 countries.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
More than 10 million people in southern Africa face severe food shortages unless rich countries act now to help them.

World IssuesThe Sentinel – 8th September 2005
In the Central American nation of Honduras there are more than 300,000 children that now leave school to go to work, and beg 60% of them beg on the streets to feed their families.
World IssuesThe Universe – 11th September 2005

There are more than 600 million small arms and light weapons in the world today, and a further eight million more produced every year.

World IssuesThe Baptist Times – 1st September 2005
Thirty six to fifty four children, including girls and kids with mental disabilities are jailed with adult prisoners everyday in the Philippines. Child prisoners numbered 6,410 in 1998, 8,623 in 1997, and 7,057 in 1996.

World IssuesJust Right – September 2005
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