Key Quotes for 2005

Key Quotes for 2005

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Last update: Wednesday 16th October
An estimated 100,000 children aged under 16 run away from home or care overnight each year in the UK and are mainly fleeing family conflict, abuse or neglect.

FamilyChristian Herald – 15th October 2005
A Presence and Engagement report revealed that, of the 12,226 parishes in England, more than half include a population that identifies themselves as being of another faith. In 228 parishes the “other faiths” population is between 25% and 0, with that number rising above 50% in 62 of the parishes.

Religion/SpiritualityFaithworks – October 2005
Up to 40% of health care in poor countries is delivered by private religious institutions according to first systematic study of faith-based organizations and HIV/Aids.
HealthFaithworks – October 2005
Nearly 85,000 men and women are incarcerated each day in the UK’s 156 prisons.
CrimeEvangelical Times – October 2005
A polling group that conducts regular questionnaires on attitudes toward the media in the USA, says that in 1985 about 84% of Americans believed most of what they read in their daily newspapers. By 2004, that had dropped to 54%.

MediaEvangelical Times – October 2005
An expert from Brazil’s Nationals Movement of Street Children says that between four and five adolescents are murdered daily; that every 12 minutes a child is beaten; that 4.5 million children under 12 are working and that 500,000 children are engaged in domestic labour. In 40% of crimes children are the victims.
CrimeThe Universe – 9th October 2005
The number of Catholics is increasing in number in all continents except Europe according to new data issued by the Vatican. Figures show that at the end of 2003, the number of Catholics had grown by more than 15 million worldwide, with the portion in Africa increasing by 0.34%, America by 0.17%, Asia by 0.03% and Oceania by 0.37%. However, Europe’s proportion of Catholics decreased by 0.31%. Europe did see an increase in diocesan seminarians.
ChurchThe Universe – 30th October 2005
A survey of 3,000 young people revealed that nearly two thirds of 18 to 24 year olds believe in the power of horoscopes, compared to just over a third who swear by the Bible. Admittedly, the two surveys monitored different age ranges, and asked of them different questions, but we often sweepingly take in this evidence as headlines – “Young People are Bored by Bible” – usually because we have seen it reported in the headlines.

The Church of England Newspaper – 14th October 2005
It has been calculated that almost 5,000 fewer deaths and serious injuries over a 3 year period in the UK would result in a £900 million saving across the various agencies involved from hospitals to road services.

HealthPresbyterian Herald – October 2005
Drivers and passengers account for the highest percentage of road fatalities and serious injuries. Male drivers aged 17-24 are almost four times as likely to cause death or serious injury on our roads to both themselves and others. Over 95% of fatalities are due to human error. In a survey of 17-24 year old drivers 62% strongly agreed that people need to be more careful on the roads but only 24% strongly agreed that “I” need to be more careful.

HealthPresbyterian Herald – October 2005
The World Health Organisation projects that road traffic injuries will rise from ninth to the third biggest world health problem. In a 2003 survey in Northern Ireland, 86% of the 1035 respondents placed road safety second on their list of “most important social issues.”
HealthPresbyterian Herald – October 2005
There are 59,000 children in care in England at any one time, with approximately 10,000 moving on each year as they reach the age of 16.

Social IssuesThe Herald – November 2005
There are 300,000 child soldiers involved in conflicts.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
More than 400,000 people are killed every year with conventional arms.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
Eight million more guns are produced every year and 16 billion bullets – more than two for every man, women and child on the planet.

World IssuesThe Universe – 23rd October 2005
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