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Key Quotes - Family

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Last update: Friday 18th October
Across the UK there are more than 78000 children in care. The majority – around 62000 are placed with foster families across the country, but there is a desperate need for at least 8600 more, as the number of children going into care rises. In 2012, the Fostering Network calculated that a new child enters care every 22 minutes. Over 70% of those in care will have experienced neglect and or physical, emotional or sexual abuse.
FamilyFamilies First Magazine - November/December 2014
A landmark study on family life has revealed a huge increase in family breakdown and highlighted the vital role of marriage. According to the study, more than one in three children underwent domestic upheaval, such as parental break-up, by the age of eleven. In addition, more than one in five children whose parents split up, experienced emotional or behavioural problems.
FamilyThe Christian Institute - 5th December 2014
Polygamy is a major issue in Islamic communities in the UK a report published this week suggests. The study, which was prepared by Muslim women's rights group Aurat and carries a foreword by Baroness Cox, also highlights the vulnerability of many Muslim women. Of the 50 women surveyed, 46 reported being 'married' but only around 10% of those were marriages recognised by English law, and so subject to English legal protections.
FamilyChristian Concern - 13th December 2014
The Marriage Foundation revealed in October that the UK has the highest proportion of children living in lone parent households of all the countries in Western Europe. According to Eurostat, one quarter (24 per cent) of UK children lived in lone parent households in 2012. This matches the 23.8 per cent figure produced by the UK’s own Office for National Statistics. The figure for Europe as a whole is 16 per cent. And these figures don’t even show the whole picture – not visible in the statistics are the families which have experienced family breakdown but where the lone parent has since re-partnered. In Eastern Europe, it is divorce that drives family breakdown, but interestingly there is no correlation in the UK between divorce rates and lone parenthood. Divorce rates are falling, but lone parenthood is rising. The driver of lone parenthood in the UK (and in the rest of Western Europe) is not divorce, but births outside of marriage.
FamilyThe Marriage Foundation - 17th November 2014
The Marriage Foundation has just released new data which shows that half of today's twenty year olds will never marry – and those that don't marry are not only less likely to have children, but also far less likely to have an intact family. If we take a group of 100 young women today, 52 of them will eventually marry and 34 will become mothers and remain married. Of the 48 that don't marry, only five will become mothers and remain together with their partner.
FamilyThe Marriage Foundation - 17th November 2014
A new law has been introduced by Malta's government to allow a child to be registered as having no gender. The law would also allow parents to change their child's recorded gender and to give consent for their child to undergo 'gender reassignment' surgery.
FamilySPUC - 4th November 2014
Facebook has started offering female staff up to $20,000 to have their eggs frozen and Apple will pay for its female employees to go through the same process from January.
FamilyThe Telegraph - 14th October 2014
Children raised in marital homes are better behaved than those brought up by unmarried parents, according to major research funded by the Department for Education. The study of around 3,000 children aged three to 16 found that those with married parents showed lower levels of anti-social attitudes and hyperactivity. They were also more confident, kind and responsible, according to the research from the University of Oxford and the University of London.
FamilyThe Christian Institute - 12th September 2014
The number of babies who are surviving after being born at 23 weeks is increasing, new figures have revealed. The statistics show that at least 120 babies survived after being born at 23 weeks over the past four years. Last year, six of eight babies born at 23 weeks at the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust survived after being admitted to the neonatal unit for treatment. Six of seven babies born at 23 weeks at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and given life saving treatment also survived. All five born at 23 weeks at North Bristol NHS Trust last year also lived. In 2011, 565 babies were aborted at 23 weeks’ gestation.
FamilyChristian Concern - 5th September 2014
Leading atheist Richard Dawkins has been widely criticised for claiming that it is “immoral” not to abort Down’s syndrome babies, during a debate on Twitter.
FamilyChristian Institute - 22nd August 2014
Just over 1,400 same-sex marriages took place in the first three months of the new law, official figures have revealed. Of these, 56% were female couples and 44% were male.
FamilyBBC News - 21st August 2014
Parents worry their children will not make friends when they start at school for the first time, says the charity Action for Children.

In a survey of more than 2,200 British parents, 33% said their main worry was their child would not make friends.

This compares with 11% who said their main concern was that their children would struggle with their school work.

And one in ten said they were worried about their child not asking for help when they needed it.
FamilyBBC News - 16th August 2014
Hundreds of thousands of children are having to split their time between parents in different homes, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown.

The ONS said it is “increasingly likely that dependent children will be sharing their time between two different parental addresses” because of an increase in cohabitation and divorce.

Analysing the recent census for England and Wales, the ONS found 3.2 per cent of the 12.1 million dependent children had a second address belonging to another parent or guardian in 2011.
FamilyThe Christian Institute - 8th August 2014
It was reported in mid-June that the Ministry of Justice has written to The Christian Institute and confirmed that the new Serious Crime Bill will not criminalise religious parents who teach their children biblical principles. Conservative MP Damian Green told the Institute that the Bill, which partly aims to deal with child neglect, would only target ‘cruelty likely to cause physical or psychological suffering or injury’ to children.
FamilyEvangelicals Now, August 2014
Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law a controversial bill allowing men to take multiple wives without consulting existing spouses, it was reported in early May. Christian leaders, who had called on the president to reject the legislation, said the new laws undermine the values of marriage and the family. A Kenyan archbishop said the law would be demeaning to women since it does not respect the principle of equality of spouses in marriage.
FamilyEvangelicals Now, June 2014
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