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Key Quotes - Odd Facts

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Last update: Monday 22nd July
British Gas continues to be the least popular fuel supplier, according to a survey published today. The firm was voted “worst provider” for the second year running in a survey for price comparison site A British Gas spokesman said: “This survey is misleading as it was carried out before our second price cut.”

Odd FactsThe Sentinel, Monday May 14, 2007
Pets should be “buckled up” in the car to avoid causing serious injury to themselves and to their owners in a crash, a leading veterinary warned today. PDSA said that in a vehicle involved in a crash at 30mph an unrestrained 50lb (22.5kg) border collie would be thrown forward with a force equivalent to a polar bear.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel 18th June 2007
A botanical park in China has been accused of painting stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra. Visitors to Shenyang botanical park are being charged 30p to have their photo taken with the 'zebra'. When visitors asked its feeder if the zebra was real, he replied: "It’s from Africa. What do you call it if it’s not a zebra?"
Odd FactsThe Sentinel - May 11th 2007
The pace of life in cities around the world is literally getting faster. Psychologists have measured the speed at which people walk and discovered a 10 per cent increase in the past decade. British psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, who led the research, said: 'the pace of life in our major cities is now much quicker than before.'
Odd FactsThe Sentinel - May 2nd 2007
The honesty of British people was criticised today when an experiment which involved leaving mobile phones, keys and wallets in cities showed most items were not returned. Just 38 per cent of items deliberately left in the street found their way back to the rightful owner. Items in Birmingham were least likely to be returned, while Bristol was the most honest city.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 17th April 2007
The country’s favourite word is love, with other popular ones including smile, happy and chocolate. A poll sponsored by BT’s Openreach division showed that the word love was five times more popular with women than men, who put antidisestablishmentarianism in top place. Other words in the top 10 included serendipity, family and holiday.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 3rd April 2007
More men than women take teddy bears to bed when sleeping alone. While 15% of women resorted to cuddling a teddy, as many as 20% of men admitted to opting for teddies, a survey of travellers by hotel chain Travelodge found.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel - March 14th 2007
Some mammals are able to smell objects underwater, a feat previously thought to be impossible, scientists have found. Normally, scent odours are carried by air, so following your nose when submerged is not an option. But nature gets round this problem by blowing bubbles.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 21st December 2006
The increasing number of gadgets in cars is driving motorists to distraction. Drivers are now allowed to use iTrips to play their iPods through their car radios, but insurance companies say that 45% of drivers have lost concentration thanks to accessories.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 11th December 2006
Cats can suffer from a feline form of Alzheimer’s disease. A study into ageing cats identified a key protein which can build up in their nerve cells in their brains and cause mental deterioration. Scientists say they may create cures through further examination.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 5th December 2006
More than 40% of people who attempted to assemble flat pack furniture lost their temper before they finished the job. Results showed 67% admitted getting into difficulty, a third misunderstood instructions and 13% managed to damage the item.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 21st November 2006
Joggers who run with the flow of traffic are twice as likely to be killed or injured as those who face oncoming cars.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 11th October 2006
Some drivers are more likely to think about work, their families or even sex, than concentrating on the road ahead it has been disclosed. One in five drivers admits to concentrating on driving less than 75% of the time, with some paying full attention for only 10% of the time.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 6th October 2006
Pressure to achieve is stripping children of the chance to believe in the tooth fairy, a Cartoon Network poll has found. Parents said they believed in fairies until the age of 10, but youngsters now lose these illusions at just 6.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 6th November 2006
51% of 16-24 year olds have never been to a festival, with almost 20% of women never considering to go to one.

Odd FactsThe Main Event – September 2006
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