Key Quotes for 2005

Key Quotes for 2005

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Last update: Tuesday 15th October
One in 20 people have returned from holiday to find that their house had been burgled. Although many admitted they left a window or door unlocked, new research has shown. One in five homeowners bought security lights or burglar alarms, but forgot to set them before they went away.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 26th August 2005
One in 20 people have at least four holidays a year as the taste for more travel takes off according to new research today.

Travel/TourismThe Sentinel – 25th August 2005
UK charity CARE wrote to 3,000 churches in relation to internet pornography. From the 1,200 replies it found that, 97% indicated they believed this was a serious problem in the church. All had dealt pastorally with at least 2 people affected by it during the previous year. 86% said they lacked the resources to support those who suffered with it and a number of these leaders confessed to having the same problem themselves.
Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsProphecy Today – September/October 2005
In 2003 there were 182,000 civil weddings compared with 86,000 religious ceremonies.

Religion/SpiritualityProphecy Today – September/October 2005
In the United Kingdom, anti-Semitic physical attacks on Jewish people on our streets were up by 54% in 2004 from 2003 (non-physical abuse was up by 57%).

Religious PersecutionProphecy Today – September/October 2005
The office for National Statistics recently reported that alcohol related deaths in England and Wales rose by 18% from 2000 to 2004. Approximately 30% of the population are likely to be vulnerable to excessive and compulsive use of alcohol. A recent survey of 1,000 residents in Salvation Army hostels showed that 46% had addiction problems.

Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe War Cry – 27th August 2005
Niger has been ruined by decades of chronic poverty. Before this current crisis, 40% of children were malnourished and Niger had the second highest global mortality rate amongst children under five.

HealthLife & Work – September 2005
The UN estimates that 8.2 million people in Asia have HIV, of whom 5.1 million are in India.

HealthEvangelical Times – September 2005
300,000 young people under the age of 18 are exploited as child soldiers.
30,000 children die each day from preventable diseases.
By the end of 2003, an estimated 25 million Africans were living with HIV. The region bears over 60% of the world’s young people infected with HIV and about 80% of the world orphaned by AIDS.
Odd FactsEvangelical Times – September 2005
Over half a billion children are struggling to survive on under $1 per day.
250,000 children and young people are infected with HIV / AIDS every month.
It is estimated that 25 million children will have lost one or both parents to AIDS by 2010.
130 million children lack access to education.
246 million children are child labourers.
8.4 million children are trapped in slavery, trafficking, debt, bondage, prostitution, pornography and other illicit activities.
World IssuesEvangelical Times – September 2005
Weddings in the Church of England have fallen from almost 70% twenty years ago to just over 20% today. In the USA a survey by professional wedding planners estimates that only about half of this year’s 2.6 million weddings will be held in a place of worship.

Religion/SpiritualityEvangelical Times – September 2005
A report from a US magazine states that only 16% of Protestant ministers interviewed are very satisfied with their personal prayer life with the average of 56 minutes a day. A further 47% are somewhat satisfied and they average 43 minutes. Those who are dissatisfied average just 21 minutes a day.

Religion/SpiritualityProphecy Today – September/October 2005
In Baghdad in the last few days alone there have been over 35 suicide bombers and nearly 300 people killed by them. Since the war ended over 25,000 people have been killed.
Disasters/WarThe Church of England Newspaper – 22nd July 2005
The US has some 40% who go to church regularly compared to the UK’s 7.5%.

ChurchThe Church of England Newspaper – 22nd July 2005
In Charles Colson’s book Salad bar Christianity 20% of American Christians are reported to believe in reincarnation and 26% believe in astrology.

Religion/SpiritualityThe Church of England Newspaper – 22nd July 2005
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