Key Quotes for 2019

Key Quotes for 2019

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Last update: Thursday 18th July
In new pastoral guidance, published on 11 December, the CofE has encouraged its clergy to create baptism-style ceremonies for transgender people to welcome them into the Anglican faith.

ChurchEvangelicals Now January 2019
Millions of Britons, many of them pensioners, could be left struggling to pay for essentials in a "cashless landscape", a report warns. Cash machines vanished at a rate of 488 a month from June to December 2018, according to figures obtained by consumer campaigner Which?
MoneyThe Express 12th February 2019
The performance of A&E departments in some trusts is below levels set in last year’s record-breaking winter crisis, according to emergency medicine bosses who warn staff and bed shortages mean hospitals are “at or beyond the limits of their resilience”.

HealthIndependent 8th February 2019
More than six million workers fear their jobs could be replaced by machines in the next 10 years.

Work/EmploymentThe Guardian 14th February 2019
Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, has announced that up to 370 schools in England will trial new lessons in 'mindfulness', arguing that the practice, originating in eastern religions like Buddhism, will support young people's mental health.
EducationChristian Concern 8th February 2019
Universities have a legal duty to uphold free speech and cannot ban speakers simply for holding controversial opinions, new guidance says. The guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) states that everybody has a right to express their views, even if they “offend, shock or disturb” others.
EducationThe Christian Institute 7th February 2019
A new way of screening babies and adults for future risk of type 1 diabetes will be much more effective at identifying the condition than current methods, new research has concluded. Scientists have developed a new risk score which takes into account detailed genetic information known to increase the chances of type 1 diabetes. This could be used to help identify babies at highest risk of developing the condition in the future.

HealthThe Sentinel, 18th January 2019
A recent YouGov survey commissioned by The Times identified an increase in the number of church attendees but a decline in regular attendance. More people are attending church, but fewer are making it a regular habit.

ChurchYouth and Children’s Work February 2019.
An attempt to include secular humanists and atheists on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day was rejected in November. A letter from patrons of Humanists UK had urged BBC Director-General Tony Hall to air non-religious beliefs during the religious slot. Opponents of the move said that BBC output was already overwhelmingly secular and humanist.
MediaEvangelicals Now January 2019
Top brands including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Evian and Highland Spring are among the world's most recognisable names, but their labels are in danger of becoming symbols of our shameful throwaway society. A Daily Express investigation has laid bare the extent of pollution which is blighting people's lives, with a devastating impact on marine life. Birds, wildlife and seals are at risk as a direct result of thoughtless and, on occasion, criminal acts.
EnvironmentThe Express 12th February 2019
China's birth rate fell to its lowest level in decades last year, new figures reveal.
World IssuesIndependent 13th February 2019
Restaurants can make a profit of £7 for every £1 they invest in cutting food waste, a global report reveals today, in findings that are hailed as proving the business case for stopping edible food from being binned.
Food and DrinkThe Guardian 13th February 2019
New rules around gambling advertising do not go far enough, according to campaigners.
Under the updated standards, gambling companies will no longer be allowed to use celebs, sports stars or cartoon characters to attract young people to bet. The Committees for Advertising Practice (CAP) said the new rules were about protecting children from irresponsible advertising.
MoneyCARE 13th February 2019
The Church of England is facing opposition from more than 2,000 of its own clergy and office holders over new guidance on celebrating transgender ‘transitions’.
ChurchThe Christian Institute 1st February 2019
Data on ‘gender identity’ will be collected in the 2021 census for the first time. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) says that new questions asking about sexual orientation and gender identity will be optional.
Social IssuesThe Christian Institute - 4th January 2019
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