Key Quotes - Environment

Key Quotes - Environment

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Last update: Wednesday 16th October
New research commissioned by Ariel and supported by the Energy Saving Trust shows our washing machines are responsible for an incredible 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours of energy being wasted annually, equating to £170 million - enough energy to power over 500,000 homes and all UK street lights for almost a year! A situation that can be easily resolved by the UK simply turning their washing machine dials to 30 degrees.

EnvironmentEnergy Saving Trust – September 2006
Marine Creatures are under threat from chemical changes in the sea caused by carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 6th July 2006
Government plans to more than double spending on water and sanitation in Africa have been welcomed by the Christian relief and development agency Tearfund.

EnvironmentThe War Cry – 22nd July 2006
Concern over climate change is changing our buying habits as designer labels slip down the "must-buy" list. Over half (53%) of consumers are prepared to spend more money on products that benefit the environment, compared to just 17% who are willing to pay more for designer or fashion labels.

EnvironmentEnergy Saving Trust – July 2006
One third of male fish in English rivers have changed sex due to gender bending chemicals seeping into the system. Female hormones from contraceptive pills and HRT are being washed into the rivers causing male fish to produce eggs.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 21st July 2006
Pensioners are doing more to protect the UK’s environment than any other age group a survey has found. 92% of those aged over 65 regularly recycle, four out of five opt for showers over baths and 70% turn off taps while washing. They also like to use green technology, with 79% choosing energy saving light bulbs – compared to 66% of the general population.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 5th June 2006
Air pollution in the UK is not declining as quickly as expected and the levels of pollutants in the UK could reduce average live expectancy across the population by eight months.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 5th April 2006
The number of older people living in the countryside will soar faster than in urban areas. Already in the English countryside, two fifths of residents are aged over 50, one quarter is over 60 and one in 12 is over 75.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 4th April 2006
Up to 40% of the world’s largest rainforest could be wiped out by 2050 unless conservation measures are improved. The Amazon rainforest is being cut down for cattle ranching and soy farming, destroying important natural habitats and having an impact on global warming.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 23rd March 2006
Almost 60% of people in Britain think that a place of worship makes their neighbourhood a better place to live in.

EnvironmentEvangelicals Now – April 2006
Only 20% of drivers who use their vehicles to travel to work currently car share.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 8th March 2006
Less than half of Europeans believe immigration has made their country a better place to live. A poll carried out across eight nations for Reader’s Digest showed only 47% believed immigration had been positive.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 4th January 2006
Some 40% of Britain’s electricity needs are provided by gas, a third from coal and nearly a fifth from nuclear power plants.

EnvironmentChristianity Magazine – January 2006
British churches are doing little to respond to the threat of global warming, according to the results of a survey. A poll of 1,000 churches found that none of the respondents used renewable energy in their buildings, only 47 have made any changes to reduce damaging emissions, and just 37 plan to do so.

EnvironmentThe Baptist Times – 6th October 2005
Already 50000 people are dying every day from the effects of poverty. In Africa, 70% of the population depends on agriculture for a living. If that’s affected by rainfall, then potentially 70% of the population is affected. That’s 490 million people.
EnvironmentThe Baptist Times – 14th July 2005
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