The Wall Bros Band - Start All Over Again

Published Tuesday 23rd March 2010
The Wall Bros Band - Start All Over Again
The Wall Bros Band - Start All Over Again

STYLE: Jesus Music
RATING 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
OUR PRODUCT CODE: 22646-16421
LABEL: Greentree R3485
FORMAT: 12 inch vinyl Album

Reviewed by Mike Rimmer

Kraig and Greg Wall, along with Randy Nelson and Lance DeMers, were the line up that recorded this 1978 album. The band had previously recorded a couple of earlier albums and had worked hard to establish themselves on America's growing Christian music live circuit. 'Start All Over Again' sees the band at the peak of their powers adopting a smooth West Coast sound with more than a hint of The Eagles. Songs like "Wind On Summer Nights" and "Clouds Of Glory" have a breezy funky style and the whole album is topped by the band's close and skilful harmonies. Overall, this is very much of its time and is a great demonstration of '70s Christian music from the clarity of the message to the crafting of the songs. Highlights for me are the brilliant, catchy "Giving It Up" which was always a favourite and now revisiting the album 30 years later, the ballad "I Am" strikes me as a very inspirational song. Interesting that it was the lyrical skill of drummer DeMers that really set the standard across the album. This is classic Jesus Music that deserves a re-issue.

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Reader Comments

Posted by Bill McCray in Orlando @ 03:38 on Mar 12 2017

I was thinking about you guys just today... I remembered being 12-13 yrs old, and seeing you perform at a youth convention in Orlando FL! It was my first foray into Contemporary Christian Music... bought this album and WORE IT OUT! In my early 20s I sang in a Christian band and we played Walkin' On The Water. Still love that song! I gotta get this album over again! Thanks for being such a big part of my life. God Bless you and your current ministries!

Reply by Lance DeMers in Bremerton, WA @ 19:10 on Aug 3 2018

Bill, thanks so much for remembering us and our music. As the writer of Walking On The Water, it's humbling to read your comments. Take care.

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Reply by Lance DeMers in Bremerton, WA @ 19:06 on Aug 3 2018

Bill, thanks so much for remembering us and our music.

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Posted by Mary Ann Willer in California @ 07:42 on Apr 14 2014

I came to know Jesus as my Savior in 1974. I walked into a Christian Coffee house called "The Way Station" in Sioux City Iowa. My friends were going into the Bar next door, I was new in my faith but did not want to go with them. God provided me a way of escape... they deserted me and left me at that coffee shop. I met Lance... and later Randy then Greg and Kraig Wall. I remember Lance's song writing... many songs that I still love. God used those songs mightily, especially in my life. I have their album. ... Lances' song "I am" is both my husband and I's favorite and such an inspiration. Lance sang at our wedding in 1979. I miss them. They should get together and sing again. love and blessings, Maryann Lavelle, Willer.

Reply by Lance DeMers in Bremerton, WA @ 16:39 on May 5 2015

Mary Ann, I am so grateful to have played a small part in your coming to Christ. To see how God has used you and Perry is a constant inspiration to me. Thank you for your kind words here. Much love to you and yours.

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Posted by Darryl in Jacksonville, NC @ 14:46 on Sep 29 2013

1980 My senior class trip from Florida to Washington,DC
30 of us in a church bus very long trip we did in 2 days - we had one 8-track tape on the bus that worked needless to say by the end of the trip we knew "Start All Over Again" by heart - the sounds still echo in my mind today and while my album copy of it was ruined over the years, i've searched for this and recently saw a few songs played on youtube - thanks WBB, its hard to find music today with the god felt words such as this. From My 29 friends... We won't forget WBB

Posted by Bob Filoramo in Warren N.J. @ 20:47 on Feb 25 2013

great to find other Wall Bros. fans. I, too, was taken by the Start All Over album after my conversion. I mentioned the band to my wifeand how I loved the music; she found an album and gave it to me for Christmas. I was blown away. A brother in the Lord converted the LP to a pair of cds which I have been playing non-stop. The music is as fresh, inspired and just plain good as in '78.I also found At The Door. This music could still save this generation of gen xers. It is so solid A re-release would be a blessing.

Posted by Lance DeMers in Bremerton, WA @ 18:45 on Aug 22 2012

Continued...Randy would often shine in these moments by contributing to arrangements and, of course, his wonderful guitar and bass ideas. Greg would add his own ideas, including bass, guitar, mandolin and his incredible vocal talents. Soon the finished song would take shape with the brother's great harmonies and sometimes Randy and I would add a third or fourth vocal part. It was always exciting for me to hear a song take shape from inception to the finished studio version. Then to share a new song with an audience was also interesting. We never knew what to expect, but certain songs would resonate more than others and those became the favorites both for us and our listeners. I concure with Kraig that we all had our share of growing pains, but there was a mutual respect and a love for God and ministry that allowed us to continue on. As Randy has said here, I also am very grateful that the four of us have continued to serve the Lord in our respective vineyards. God is able to keep his own. Thank you again for your very kind words and for allowing me yet another trip down memory lane.

Reply by Timothy James in Lexington, KY @ 08:56 on Apr 17 2013

I've been a fan of you guys since I was very young. I grew up in Wilmore, and saw you guys at Ichthus and also at Asbury College. I've been a bass player for 35 years. I wore the Start all over again album out when I was learning to play. My oldest brother Jeff was executive director of the festival from '00-09. Did a search and found you, and thought I would reach out and say I'm thinking, and praying for you guys.
God bless you and yours, Tim James

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Posted by Lance DeMers in Bremerton, WA @ 18:42 on Aug 22 2012

Once again, I'd like to say how very heartwarming it is to read all of your comments here. It's amazing to me that songs that were written 35 years ago are still appreciated. Very touching. Especially when I think of their humble beginnings. I am truly grateful. Many of the WBB songs were written at my parent's kitchen table with my guitar, a pen and a tablet of paper. Often, I would have my bible open, such as when I wrote the lyrics to Kraig's beautiful music for "I Am." There were times when Kraig would have some music that he wanted me to write lyrics for. Sometimes he would play the song for me at his parent's upright piano in their basement where we often rehearsed. He would sing a wordless melody and record as he went on a cassette recorder (remember those?) so I had something to take home with me. If inspiration struck and I managed to complete the lyrics, I would present them to Kraig who would then begin learning and singing the finished song so we could present it to the other guys, usually at our next rehearsal. Then we could begin arranging the new song with the full band treatment.

Posted by Christina Baughn in Michigan @ 00:50 on May 17 2012

I was born 3 years before this album came out. It was one of my dad and mom's favorite albums. When I went to college, I rededicated my life to Jesus and asked my dad to make me a "tape" of the songs I grew up listening to. It had "I am" and "Walking on the Water" on it(since long gone); as well as keith Green and Randy Stonehill. Yesterday, I had "I am" in my head, but couldn't think of the WBB as the artists. Had to text mom to find out. Thanks for serving the Lord guys!!!

Reply by Randy Nelson in KC @ 22:04 on Aug 19 2012

Christina...I enjoyed reading about our music helping you and especially of your re-dedicating your life to Christ. All four of us are still serving Christ. Kraig & Myself are pastors, Lance is really involved in ministry in Washington and Greg has a video production company and serves in his church.
The best thing we can hear is that our music was a small part in your life and that you serve the King.
Randy Nelson

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Posted by mo franco in wichita ks. @ 00:47 on Mar 24 2012

i would really like to get my hands on the album "start all over again"i had an album back in 78 but lost it.i got saved in77and being new in the lord thought i keped loosing it every time i made a mistake so the song of start all over again would help me to pray and get renewed in the Lord.can you let me know if it might become available later on?

Reply by Darryl in Jacksonville, NC @ 20:44 on Sep 30 2013

Mo Franco - some of the wall brothers can be found on youtube - to give you some memories

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Posted by Jeff Mair in Indianapolis, IN @ 05:28 on Mar 5 2012

This is one of my favorite groups from the 70's. "I AM" is my favorite christian song of all time. Where can I purchase an mp3 file of this entire album? HELP!!

Posted by Al Moser in Dublin, CA @ 18:53 on Feb 19 2012

First heard The Wall Brothers at an Assembly of God Youth Convention in Bakersfield, CA in the mid-70's! Loved their musci and came home with an album that I wore out playing over and over again. Great to see they still love the Lord. I do too and their music was a great blessing to me as a teen. Thanks, guys!

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