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Map showing CoventryThe FM model of community radio that Cross Rhythms started pioneering in February 2002 has had much success. The original station, Cross Rhythms City Radio in Stoke-on-Trent, has continually been awarded licence renewals to broadcast at least until December 2015; favour and support of the CR model has enabled groups in Plymouth and Teesside to broadcast as Cross Rhythms Plymouth and Cross Rhythms Teesside; and on the 22nd July 2008 Ofcom granted another new FM radio licence for a proposed Cross Rhythms Coventry radio station.

In outlining the reasons for the award Ofcom commented on the strength they saw of collaboration with the established Cross Rhythms station: "Serving the Christian population of Coventry, this applicant has useful broadcasting skills and experience at board level and will also collaborate with an established community radio licensee which will provide assistance in developing this service..."

In the two years from the award of the license the group responsible for the Coventry station have made a number of decisions that have changed the original nature of the collaboration with Cross Rhythms, including a decision not to use the Cross Rhythms Coventry station name. However they have pushed ahead and worked hard to establish the opportunity of this station for Coventry, and Cross Rhythms is delighted to commend them for the launch of Radio Plus in late December 2010!

If you live in the area you can tune in to Radio Plus on 101.5FM.

From experience we know that it is incredibly difficult to run these stations for a local community. Every group needs the freedom to decide the best way for them to operate to fulfill the aims of the station. We would ask anyone living and listening in the Coventry area to give Radio Plus all the support and goodwill that you can.

The experience and particular nature of the CR model has so far been able to assist in securing 4 FM licences for Christian community stations in cities of the UK, and our hope is that we will be able to collaborate with many other groups to develop further stations in due course. (Please contact us if you would like to explore this for your city, at

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