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Article Title: Matthew Ward: 2nd Chapter Of Acts and Pioneering CCM
Author of reported comment: Keith Mohr
Comment Date: 06:41 on Feb 17 2007
Comment: Wonderful interview Mike. I met Matthew one time.. when I was in the group Harvest. I was in a recording studio in Lindale, TX.. Matthew was producing the Harvest record called "Mighty River." I walked into the control room and Matthew had his feet up on the recording console. He asked me who I was, and I told him I was working with Harvest.. He passed some wind and said.,. "I'll give you a year and you'll be gone".. and wouldnt you know it.. he was right. I called Matthew the "gassy prophet," because he called that one! Its good to hear he is doing well. And yes.. I agree.. the Lord is calling His minstrels.. those who are commited to the call and dedicated to service. The age of christian idols is almost over. There is a new wind blowing.. Its called INTERDEPENDENCE.. This is where artists who are not signed to a record contract come together to serve one another and help one another in their music missions. The work I am doing with is a part of this new movement. And it all started when I was in Lindale, TX back in 1991. God is moving! The industry as we know it is crumbling. The old stadium is being torn down and a new game is being played. Watch the coming changes.. labels as we know them will not be the same in the next few years.. Blessings!
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