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Article Title: Larry Norman - 1947-2008
Author of reported comment: jb
Comment Date: 18:35 on Mar 7 2008
Comment: No one person can sum up all that Larry Norman meant to Christian music. Each of his songs could be referenced while attempting to epitomize the mark he left on the industry and millions of people. It seemed like from day one he fell out of favor with the mainstream industry when he left his band People! after reaching success. Or maybe the industry fell out of favor with him. His next endeavor found him giving birth to Christian rock, which brought him a lot less favor with the religious community. His music was banned in many Christian bookstores. How does someone with such unpopular roots turn into the most influential musician in Christian history? Answer: he never fell out of favor with his fans. It is strange how one's death punctuates their life's work. I find myself more keenly aware of the messages in larry's songs when I listen to them. It makes me want to find out where he will be playing in concert next, though it would be in vain. Paraphrasing lyrics from his "The Story of the Tune" we were all interupted with the passing of Larry Norman. Though we wished we could experience just one more concert, we couldn't find him. Just a lot of people smiling...and they all knew the tune. Yes, the sweet chariot has swung low for Larry and come to carry him home. I can't help but think he and Keith Green are having a blast up there singing. One thing is for certain, while Larry was visiting this planet, he made it count.
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