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Article Title: Reggae Revolutionaries
Author of reported comment: Dee
Comment Date: 12:51 on Dec 10 2008
Comment: Papa San, LT Stitchie, Junior Tucker, are well known in the World system of Reggae and PRAISE GOD that the LORD beforehand had CREATED them for such a time as this. There are so many Gospel Reggae artist out there. To those DJ's, event organiser more must be done to pioneer and push the Gospel Reggae, Hip Hop, R'N'B and other styles of music out there. More high standard of Music. We should excel the standards of MTV etc. Most non christian are not really attracted to the Gospel Choirs sound. This appeals a lot more to those in the Church community. But for those on the street, what do they relate to, music they listen to from the street. Heaven is going to be wonderful place and there will be different styles of music/worship. It is time to draw from our heavenly account of creativity and be the trendsitters. So the world will follow JESUS and not the vice versa. We are coming to the end of the age and we must be zealous to bring in the final harvest by media, music, films etc, STAY EMPOWERED FROM ON HIGH.
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