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Author of reported comment: Jack
Comment Date: 20:26 on Mar 9 2009
Comment: This is an excellent album, 30 Phat songs from young and old delivered in a fresh, inspiring way. From the worship classics like Holy, Holy & There Is A Day, to the funky Rise Up and River Of Life to the U2-esque ballads of Stepping Out, Audience With God and From The Rising Of The Sun, this is world class Christian music at its very best. The guitars of Mike Blow and Alan Rose are astounding, the constant crispness and originality of the production (thanks to Nathan Fellingham amongst others like Julian Kindred), the stylized keyboards of Mike and the solid bass lines of Luke, not forgetting one of the most distinctive, powerful and angelic voices of our age Lou Fellingham, its all here. The songwriting will blow you away, the lines and verses and scripture drenched lyrics are unbelievably accurate, inspiring and so musical. Phatfish have delivered an album that truly says, yeah, we did that, we've been there, and we succeeded in glorifying his name. This might be the final Phat album, but I certainly wish we could see more of this Fish!
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