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Article Title: Come And Join Us
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 16:35 on Oct 15 2010
Comment: 3 years after their debut release, these ccm vet rockers present a new album. This album contains the highly acclaimed anthem "GOD Gave Rock and Roll to You"; the first recording on the lp; the album also ends with a reprise of the song. Greg Volz was not a member of group yet; but sang lead vocals for this song. The anthem was also re-recorded for the 1984 lp "Beat the System";Greg once again sang lead vocals: his final Petra album. Check out the line in song "Sally"; "and everywhere that Sally went the Lamb was sure to go". Album title "Come & Join Us" is last song on side 1; a favorable song. Steve Camp also assists with vocals on this lp, prior to his solo debut the following year. Another known vocalist is Austin Roberts; remember the pop hit song "Rocky": Austin was also the producer of this Petra album. "Where Can I Go" is an album hi-lite; I really like this song; great early ccm quality: thanx Bob H. "Ask HIM In" is one of the rare ballads heard by this rockin group;an album favorite; again thanx Bob H. Background vocalist Karen Morrison can be heard on the reprise of "GOD Gave Rock and Roll to You" Great cover album art by Dennis Bellile; who hasn't witnessed scenes like this! Great classic lp to have! GOD Bless! -Don
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