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Article Title: Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus
Author of reported comment: Matt
Comment Date: 21:31 on Feb 13 2011
Comment: I would honestly have to rate this seriously wonderful album as one of the very finest of Petra's long career. What makes it works for me? The very fact that for once it has a truly different style to it. And the inclusion of a lot more acoustic guitar works for me, as I am a mega fan of acoustic guitar. And never before or after has an album put together so much acoustic work with electric still aplenty, so well! Yes, and there are still the wonderful rockers along the way though. There's Bob's brilliant Be Of Good Cheer for a start, which has literally grating guitars that blast the ears! His other tracks The Holiest Name and Lovely Lord too are incredibly beautiful praise tracks, especially Lovely Lord, which must rank as one of Bob's finest ballads of all time. I love the simple production of Show Your Power too, one of the best renditions of this song I've heard. And the opener Moses Song surprised me when I first played the album, I never expected to hear so much mandolin on a Petra song! But I say let there be much more of this excellent instrument! John Schlitt is still bringing the stage down with his soaring tones, and the new band members instantly make their presence felt. And Louie is still the master drummer. This is one of the finest Praise albums it's been my pleasure to hear! This is about as far from predictable and run of the mill for Petra as you can get. A whole ten out of ten!
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