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Article Title: Double Take
Author of reported comment: Matt
Comment Date: 21:58 on Feb 13 2011
Comment: I have to agree with Leah on this one. This album is excellent and totally worthy of the Grammy award it recieved. I personally am a great fan of acoustic music. And this album is packed with it right from the start through to the end. All of the tracks are reworked very well indeed, and all are suitably different in flavour from their originals. And for me, a large percentage are even better than the originals. Dance always was an incredible rocker, but here one can easily Dance to it all the stronger, as the arrangement is totally fitted to "dancing"! This Means War was another thundering classic, which here takes on a more impacting and inpsiring edge, especially with the new words in that crisp and wonderful riff. The Colouring Song is another track that seriously impressed me. Breathe In was good in the lyrics department, and for the fact that Pete Orta actually took on lead vocals for the track. And it works so well. The Longing is just continuing the long line of memorable Petra ballads. Praying Man and Just Reach Out are both better here than on their original album Wake Up Call, simply because the acoustic work is excellently done! This is a very unfairly maligned record.
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