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Article Title: Creationism In Schools Isn't Science - Part 2
Author of reported comment: David Tyler
Comment Date: 11:15 on Jul 19 2011
Comment: Rebecca writes: "We can now only wait and see what sort of clarity will come from the campaign and the increase in media attention on the issue." I am not persuaded that clarity will come this way because there is so much polarised thinking and very little dialogue. I am not convinced that "teaching creationism" is really the issue, but many Christian parents and young people are concerned about the way evolutionary ideas are presented - the science is mixed up with large doses of naturalistic philosophy that is quite alien to the Christian faith. There are some seriously muddled ideas being broadcast in the CriSIS campaign. What most creationists want in schools is good science teaching. This means developing a mindset that questions, poses hypotheses and tests those ideas. Based on this criteria, much teaching that goes under the name of “evolutionary theory” is unworthy of the name “science”. If anyone doubts this, consider why data such as the peppered moth, or the Galapagos finches, or antibiotic resistance are presented as though they explain the origin of complexity and biological information. Conversely, as a matter of history, scientists who endorsed intelligent design in the created order contributed much to the development of the scientific enterprise. Students who are told that creation / design is banned from the science classroom may end up very confused when they discover that some of the heroes of science were people of faith and upheld design concepts that are now taboo.
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