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Article Title: Creationism In Schools Isn't Science - Part 2
Author of reported comment: ashley haworth-roberts
Comment Date: 02:34 on Jul 20 2011
Comment: Doesn't this all sound oh so very reasonable (though of course with science what counts is facts more than opinions)? Yet Mortenson lies in many of his blogs about non-creationists relying on "uniformitarian presuppositions" for their 'science' (see, Answers in Genesis are very keen indeed on home-schooling (usually carried out by fundamentalist Christian/religious parents), Ken Ham indoctrinates us kids into reciting "If there really was a global flood you'd expect to find billions of dead things buried in rock layers all over the Earth" and there is rejoicing in the Creation Museum over one schoolkid who asks scientists and educators '"were you there?" Thus I take Mortenson with a ladleful of salt. It's evolution, atheistic/naturalistic viewpoints, and 'millions of years' which he wants taught 'correctly' so that kids will conclude that they are invalid and unsupported by the sum of the evidence (the Bible being part of that 'evidence' of course, and indeed infallible evidence when read in a literal manner)." This is not intended to be libellous or abusive. And I have already emailed the comments to AiG so they are free to respond if they see a need.
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