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Article Title: Creationism In Schools Isn't Science - Part 2
Author of reported comment: kate
Comment Date: 12:59 on Jul 20 2011
Comment: Could David Tyler please explain if his objections to the teaching of evolution, using naturalistic philosophy and simplified ideas to present the concept apply to all other areas of science? At present it is taught much as every other topic. Would he admit that as a creationist it is only the teaching of evolution that he objects to? Would he also admit that should the level of questioning he wishes to impose upon evolutionary theory be extended to all science we would cease to have any science at all-or any other subject for that matter. Schools already teach children to question by the way. Just not the ridiculous questions of creationists. Could he also provide genuine evidence that there is any problem with the theory of evolution outside of the creationist/ID community? And could he provide positive, peer reviewed, published evidence that proves his view that the earth is 6000 years old and god created everything in one week? As for ID, can he provide evidence for, or a means of testing design other than its current god of the gaps argument. One that has been accepted by mainstream science! If not can he explain why they should be taught in schools? Letitia as creation 'science' has not yet been taught in mainstream education could you provide evidence from recognised studies for your claims that children taught such stuff do well in gcses? Could you also explain why you expect Darwinism to be tested by schoolchildren who do not yet have the relevant scientific knowledge to fully understand the science rather than in the scientific arena with experienced and qualified experts. Where I believe evolution has already been tested to destruction and no problems found with it.
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