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Article Title: Matthew Ward: 2nd Chapter Of Acts and Pioneering CCM
Author of reported comment: Rev. Tonny Marshall
Comment Date: 03:23 on Sep 27 2011
Comment: My comment is to my brother Matthew Ward: I was born again on July 11 1979, In NTC/RTC Naval Recruiting, San Diego California, and shortly afterwards, was exposed to your music, and that Anointed voice you have. Being a vocalist myself, I was just taken with how God used your voice, and amazing enough, he began to use my voice as well, as I dedicated my life to him, he used me to sing at the chapel on base, upon request by my pastor, and while serving on ships in the Navy. I was moved to tears when I first heard what the spirit did with Psalms 61 when you were with your sisters in concert Live. You sat down to the Piano and what I heard from that point on, was just amazing to me. I wanted to share with you how your words touched my spirit in those days and Gods hand in your lyrics guided me through life and death conditions while serving my country. You need to know that I praise God for you, and all that you were obedient to in the Service to our Lord, and I want to have the chance to write to you, and to one day meet you before God Calls either one of us home. I want nothing other than to meet my brother in the Lord to communicate with him and share with him my testimony. In the name of our Lord Jesus. May God continue to bless you in your ministry.
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