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Article Title: Fireflake
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 15:02 on Dec 4 2011
Comment: I recently discovered the awesome classic sound of this talented piano/guitar playing Brit. This debut album for this 21 year old is amazing! I love the soulful- peaceful sound that is heard through his songs. Adrian's pure and honest vocals shine through like morning sunbeams on a summer morn, there is simple beauty. The lyrics to every song make you want to do nothing but listen; just to hear the passion in his voice. It is difficult to zero in on a top favorite on the album. It is kind of like the quote on back of album cover by Jack Clemo, " It smote with song; just a fire-flake, that clove a crater in my clay". "Making Me Real" is quite commendable; bgvs entwine perfectly. Most of the songs are of nice length, nearly 50 minutes total, a good 10 minutes or more extra than the usual lp playing time for this era. "Judas Song" sparks up the piano sounds; the followup "Simon Carry My Cross" connects with the up tempo "Golgotha"(instrumental) ; hard to decipher where one song ends and the other starts. Adrian is still going strong for 4 decades! GOD Bless!-Don
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