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Article Title: My Faith Will Stay
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 15:35 on Jan 17 2014
Comment: Cheri is paving her way into the ccm genre with this 2nd release by the Spring of 96. Cd title begins it all, awesome intro to the song, great bgvs to include ccm artist Brent Bourgeois who assisted on her debut, and the soft vocals of Tabitha Fair. I love this starter song, great ccm quality, style & lyrics. The listener will note that the music for these songs has that familiar ccm sound. Keep On Shinin' keeps up the pace of top ccm sound; btw the song was co-written with ccm pioneer Randy Stonehill & has hit written on it. "Lay It Down" is becoming a familiar ccm song title , newcomer Jennifer Knapp would enter the ccm scene with a song of same title in 2000. Every song deserves a well pleasing comment. Sweet Peace Of God is another I fell in love with when I heard it, it's top notch ccm, thank you Cheri for this God sent song. Chorus on "He Will Look After You" will stick with you, this is what it's meant to do. Heavenly Father is another title that is synonymous in ccm, who could forget Billy Sprague's 84 hit. What a nice prayerful song for believers to sing. Another great chorus on "The Love Of God", it sticks! Closer "In Remembrance Of Me" puts it all into perspective, things that believers should not forget. I recommend you invest into this cd, full of great ccm styled songs, wtg Cheri you've really climbed aboard the ccm gospel train, so glad that you did. Charlie Peacock found a gemm for ccm. God bless, Don
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