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Article Title: Fernando Ortega: From CCM hitmaker to Anglican liturgy minister
Author of reported comment: gloria l
Comment Date: 21:39 on Jun 11 2014
Comment: reading so many outstanding, heart-felt messages about Fernando, my story is along the same vein. I first saw him wth Ann Graham Lotz at Women of Faith in Cleveland and purchased 3 of his cd's. Being diagnosed bipolar 6 years ago with 30 years of mis-diagnosed, I began to experience the extreme highs (along with my Sanguine personality) and the extreme lows. Having 11 surgeries - two major, the last one in October 2013, the deepest, darkest time of my life - nothing helped. In April I went to see him in Cleveland - I felt like every word, every comment , his beautiful music surrouded me and I determined to get out of the darkness. At home I rediscoved the 3 cds - bought an IPod to load them on and they are all I have listened these past 6 weeks. Such a blessing. I believe seeing him at the piano gives me a true vision of his playing as I llisted to his music. Pray God's continued anointing as he continues to bless others with gifts, bringing blesses on he and his family. To a unique singer, song writer and pianist, I thank you for your ministry to me, which continues
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