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Article Title: Jonny Shepherd: The Future Death Of Worship Music
Author of reported comment: Alan Mills
Comment Date: 17:42 on Aug 13 2014
Comment: Hi Jonny. I donít believe that it was ever Godís intention that the Christian community should support the output of it's musicians (Levites). The biblical model was for the community to support the musicians themselves. They were set apart and provided for by the community. Music in the Bible is only ever mentioned in relation to celebration, ministry and warfare. What God intended to be used both for the celebration of His Glory and for the building and strengthening of His Kingdom has been perverted by our enemy into an industry whose rules are dictated by Mammon and, because of our ignorance, has us following those dictates because itís all we know. I have no problem with Christians buying albums. Itís right that we should pay for them if we can afford to. However, if artists have to ďbreak evenĒ before they can cheerfully give them away to those who canít afford them then the community has got it wrong. The Christian community should be seeking for those anointed by God to play and sing skillfully, setting them apart and providing for them just as we do with our pastors (priests).
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