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Article Title: Jonny Shepherd: The Future Death Of Worship Music
Author of reported comment: Amy
Comment Date: 14:16 on Aug 21 2014
Comment: I must respectfully disagree with this. Not in its entirety, but specifically the last three sentences. "It's right that we should pay for them if we can afford to." - No. It's right to pay because it's right to do and stealing otherwise. If you're at a shop and see something you like, you wouldn't take it if you couldn't afford it. Just because music may be readily available online, doesn't mean you can just take it because you can't afford to buy it. It's deceitful and thievery. "However, if artists have to “break even” before they can cheerfully give them away to those who can’t afford them then the community has got it wrong." - What a jaded statement! If an artist doesn't at least break even, and gives away all of their product, they wouldn't be able to continue making new records would they? Every person called to ministry has to think about their own survival. Most musicians have to make a living as well as making music. Otherwise, how are they to have food/clothing/shelter? Just because God calls someone into ministry, doesn't mean He is calling them to be starving and homeless. "The Christian community should be seeking for those anointed by God to play and sing skillfully, setting them apart and providing for them just as we do with our pastors (priests)." - I fully agree that Christians should be supporting/providing for anointed musicians. How’s it supposed to happen? Through CD and MP3 sales. A pastor or priest receives a salary (at least they do in the bulk of churches here). It's set by the church heads in individual churches. Who pays the Christian musician’s salary? The purchasing consumer. To say that it's ok not to pay for an album solely because you can't afford it is analogous to robbing the artist of their livelihood. The last thing I would want to do would be to cause a family to go hungry just because I didn't feel like paying for a cd.
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