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Article Title: Jonny Shepherd: The Future Death Of Worship Music
Author of reported comment: Alan Mills
Comment Date: 17:11 on Aug 25 2014
Comment: Thanks Amy for your comments on my post. I think that I may not have explained myself properly in the sentences that you disagreed with. Please, let me clarify I am not advocating stealing. My point is that if people cannot afford to buy the music then the supported and accountable music minister should be mandated to cheerfully give it away. Kingdom musicians and singers are, after all, prophesying about a generous God who expects all of His children imitate Him. If music ministers are provided for by the worshippers then the production of music media should also be paid for out of these funds. All money from sales should be returned to the fund, not the artist, in order to assist in the continuation of funding for further media projects. This is not business, it is simply good stewardship. ďBreak evenĒ is a business term and should not exist in ministry. Iím glad we agree on who should be supporting/providing for anointed musicians. I strongly believe that consumerism is not the way it should happen. That is the way of the world. I know many worship leaders in the USA who are salaried by their churches. What is interesting to me is that they all, without exception, minister in churches that appear to have abundant finances. I wonder if that is because these churches recognise and value their musicians and singers, as God does, and are blessed accordingly. Bear in mind also that music ministry is not just for temple celebration. It also plays a crucial part in spiritual warfare. We have a command to be witnesses to the end of the earth. Tragically, we continue to invest untold billions in the music industry, choosing to buy only the music we like, thus empowering the prince of the power of the air to defame our God, when we should be investing our time, talent and treasure into restoring our Godís reputation in the world by filling the airwaves with music that prophesies of a good God.
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