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Article Title: Receiving Jesus' Living Water
Author of reported comment: BASHIR P
Comment Date: 10:26 on Oct 2 2017
Comment: Dear Sister Deborah Mitchel Greetings to you in Jesusí name! I am Bashir from India! God has asked me to reach out especially to the Muslims with The Gospel of Christ and plant Churches among them. God is using me for His own glory among the Muslims. I am seeking more prayers of Godís saints around the world. My daughter Noorieís life is in danger. Therefore, I am in great need of your kind prayers & intercessions for her life. She has developed friendship with my former care taker of the Church building who is a lair, unfaithful and morally corrupted boy. Godís Spirit led me to found your contact address through Google search so that you could pray & intercede with my prayer request. Please pray that Godís Spirit will convicts Noorieís heart and she will break this unholy & inappropriate friendship for His own glory. Please pray that Noorie will give priority to Jesus in her life and LOVE TO HIM BY OBEYING HIS COMMANDMENTS. Regards, Bashir Contact:
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