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Posted by hay-hay in alabama @ 23:57 on Jul 24 2008

ok it is now official!YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO GLAD YALL ARE CHRISTIANS !!! hey here is a whacky idea,since yall like being recognised,why dont yall come to say like decatur,alabama and go in some stores and stuff cuz i would sure like to meet you!!! lol! ther is so much i didnt know about yall. i love you alloh p.s. how bout sum V.I.P tickets for ur #1 FAN! LOL JUST kIDDIN

Posted by HAYDEN in ALABAMA @ 23:26 on Jul 24 2008

ok.i know there is a very very slim chance that yall wont read this but i'll try .i know yall are really busy and stuff but yall really should come to alabama cuz so many people(mostly girls) that live in alabama want to see yall and yall dont come to alabama!!! I VERY STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO!!! PLEASE COME TO ALABAMA SOON!YALL ROCK!:)- luv yall 4-ever,
hopefully i will see yall soon!!!!!! bye:)

Posted by DARIEN in MISSISSIPPI @ 07:45 on Jul 22 2008

ya'll probably don't read half the messages that people send you,and with my luck ya'll won't read this but its worth giving it a shot.......i think you guys are awsom and my favorit band haha
(bet you haven't herd that one befor)well your artical is awsome and i think that is awsom that ya'll take your religon seriously well bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Helen in Las Vegas @ 20:32 on Jul 19 2008

hey guys i'm soooooo happy that your dad is a pastor and now I see that you guys are making a differenece well bye

Posted by Em in London @ 17:15 on Jul 11 2008

I don't think it's very fair to say 'These guys made the US and Busted didn't so their version must be better', which was implied in the title. Not really, Busted are from the UK, and they made it in the UK... They never really tried to make it in the US until the programme 'America or Busted' and even then they were on the verge of splitting. Fair enough, Jonas Brothers are a good band, I just think they're riding off the back of Disney's success && the censoring of year 3000 is ridiculous. I'd love it if they covered Busted's 'Late Night Sauna' aha, that would be amusing. ^.^

Posted by Micaela Cornett in Maryville Tennessee @ 19:26 on Jul 10 2008

Hi Jonas Brothers! I think it is great that you don't care to say that you are christians. I am a christian and it feels nice to tell someone that. I think you are one of the greatest bands there is. I love the messages you give in your songs. I think you have great talent that will progress. I play the piano and sing and I love the talent the Lord has blessed me with. I am so gratefull that finally a band has come out that has great values. I wear a ring that says true love waits and I am glad that you wear a ring too. I think it is another great value that you have. I know you get a lot of comments but I hope you take this to your hearts. I will keep listening to your inspiring music.

Posted by Jose Jimenez in Las Vegas @ 22:25 on Jun 30 2008

We (my daughter and I) are so proud of you guys. You are definnetly making a difference. I am a pastor and my dauhgter finally sees someone who is not afraid to be a light in the main stream music world. Keep up the good work!

Reply by Helen in Las Vegas @ 21:12 on Jul 18 2008

well you guy i'm soooooo happy I didn't even kmow your dad was a pastor well only one star is criston bye

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Reply by Sofia Jimenez in Las Vegas @ 03:37 on Jul 10 2008

Hi guys, I had to tell my dad that I like Joe Jonas my dad is Jose Jimenez and I am proud of you too (and Im just a little girl) I hope you do make the WHOLE world know that God is the true king


----------------------------------sofia~(nickname: angel)

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Posted by Melanie in Texas @ 07:01 on Jun 22 2008

Wow. It's so awesome to read that these guys have Christ in their lives! I'm 18 years old, not just a typical love struck young teen in love with the good looks and charm of the boys, but I enjoy their music and their amazing talent. I learned alot about the band from this interview and it makes me appreciate them so much more. It also good to hear that they actually write their own songs! I can't tell you HOW much i appreciate bands who write their own music. These guys are great and I will definately keep them in my prayers! :]

Posted by Aisha in chicago il @ 05:21 on Jun 22 2008

omj i totally love you guys you are my idols i'm a christian also i have a purity ring my my gave to me and i had it ingraved last year and in the inside it says''nicholas jonas will be the only one to remove this ring'' I'm saving myself for nick jonas and only nick jonas and Kaitlyn Nick is 15 but he will be 16 in sept. well i totally love you guys i wish you guys could sing at my sweet 16 b-day

love the future
Nick Jonas a.k.a
Aisha Davis/ Aisha Jonas

Posted by kaitlyn in athens alabama @ 03:30 on Jun 3 2008

i love nick so bad do any one of ya'll know how old he is?

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