Through the words of eight of those who attended, we tell some of what happened during 1991's CROSS RHYTHMS ROCK GOSPEL FESTIVAL.

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The whole of the place was filled with angels - they were everywhere, the air was filled with angels (at least, I assumed they were angels) and they were all praising Jesus who was high on a throne -- well, a sort of a throne - I don't know how I knew, but I knew that the more we praised the higher Jesus would be. He was on the throne and His Glory was so bright that I couldn't look at Him -I just knew He was there. Then, from under the throne came what looked almost like flashes of lightning - but sort of hazy - almost fluffy but defined. I know this must sound ridiculous but it's the only way I can describe what I saw. I knew these were the Holy Spirit. He was directional. The 'lightning' seemed to come out and touch people -- as it did, they fell over. I could see who was going to go next. I remember reaching up as if to touch Him and saw the Holy Spirit coming towards me. There are definitely no words to describe how I felt at that moment -I went back (apparently in SLOW MOTION?!)

Our God is AWESOME. His power is unquestionable. His Holy Spirit limitless. His love is immeasurable. I learned a great deal that weekend when God decided to show me a glimpse of Himself. Why me???

I realised that I bring Him down to the level of my own understanding. How dare I complain when things don't go the way I expect them to? Another thing I understand is that God does not frighten us, our fear comes from a lack of understanding -- whatever the situation. Because of a man's obedience to God's plan for a wet weekend, he stepped out in faith and helped to bring about 'Cross Rhythms'. Thanks Chris!

One last thing - I think I might have been partially responsible for the wet weather that weekend. A few months ago, when our church was having problems with the building, I told God that I would rather be in the middle of a wet, muddy field with people who were honestly praising Him - for WHO HE IS not for what He does - than in a shiny, new building with people who weren't. So, for three hours one cold, wet Sunday morning, amidst 500 tired aching bodies, He answered my prayer.

A Young Worker's Cross Rhythms
By Ray Toms

I'm a youth worker relating to unchurched kids. Although the 1990 Rock Gospel Festival was good, nothing of spiritual significance happened to our kids. We took 19 kids to Cross Rhythms "91 and we were expecting God to do something in their lives. We weren't disappointed.

On Saturday I was cruising the site on my mountain bike, pushing a bow-wave of glutinous mud, looking for our kids. A shepherd trying to get unwilling sheep into the seminar. Thanks to the rain they were already in there, a meteorological miracle. The mention of divorce saw several kids and a co-leader at the front for prayer.

I was pleased throughout the weekend to see adults being counselled and prayed with, breaking the barriers between ages, leaders and led.

We saw four kids become Christians at the festival and one who was there has since made a commitment to themselves to Christ. Having said that, two of these kids have not been around for a while.

Our youth club re-opens Friday and we go to it wondering who'll be there. We can't know which of our kids will continue as disciples but that's our work, in God's strength and their choice.

Cross Rhythms is a catalyst, a good and challenging thing, a stick that stirred us up and sent us out to continue the work.

A Mum's Cross Festival
By Gloria Prout

Saturday 13th July came; I heard of a Holy Spirit seminar that was going to start at about 2.30 run by a man called Bruce Oliver. He had a team of one man and a lady called Cilia. I thought that would be interesting1, so I left my husband Cyd in the caravan and my daughter Jasmine to rest while I went. The tent was filled with youngsters and older people, a real cross-section. We all managed to sit down on the plastic sheeting in this tent. And this ordinary man walked up and started speaking. He was very down to earth, but he kept on telling us of the power of the Holy Spirit; how God was still performing miracles today through the power of the Holy Spirit working through him and his team. Just a few days ago, a little boy of two years old was healed after the doctors had given up. God came through. Somebody else had come forward in the church where they came from and that person was totally healed of blindness. Then he told us that God's Holy Spirit was with us all in that tent and He wanted us to all stand up as God's power was going to be shown. He said "It's not me, I'm just an ordinary business man. Gods going to do the business here." Then, as he invited the Holy Spirit down to fill us all, he said Lift your hands to the Lord-receive God's Power. You will see the power of God move among you. Some of you will cry, some of you will fall down. But don't be afraid it's the power of God just touching you." I felt God touching me with a tingling in my fingers; I felt that before, as I had already been given healing ministry six years before from the Lord. He had used me and I was part of a healing ministry team in my church of St Judes. From the front Bruce said "There are about five people here who are feeling a tingling in their fingers; I want them to, come down to the front and be ministered to. I feel God's calling all of you five to a healing ministry." I thought: 'That's not me', as I already had a healing ministry. I wasn't sure what to do. Then some went forward. Bruce said: "There's a woman who's not sure if she should come down and she has the tingling in her fingers." Then I knew I had to go forward. One of the team, Cilia, came towards me and said: "The Lord says you have a healing ministry. Take it back to your church." Then I went down in the Spirit. Bruce said to Cilia, Get her up, Cilia bring her to me. God's going to use her powerfully." I got up and went to Bruce. He said: 'What's your name?" I said: 'Gloria.' He said: "Right, Gloria, I'm not going to touch you, but put your arms straight up to the Lord and receive from God. Right now." I went flat out. To say I was empowered is an understatement. When I got up, Bruce said: "That's the Power of God. I believe the Lord had a prophetic word for Gloria." Cilia said: "I've already given it to her" He said: "Good, now take that back to your church". I didn't realise really at time what I was given until I went out of the tent, but it was much the same as Bruce Oliver; I was given authority and was full of power in Jesus.

A Celtic Music Fan's Cross Rhythms
By Jonathan Day