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Today’s teenage generation uses media very differently to the generations before it. Dominated by the use of Social Media, YouTube videos and smartphones, a new media world requires a new response from those in the church if it is going to engage the hope of the Christian worldview relevantly with young people.

And oh how important it is that we in the church are seriously proactive and intentional about doing so. Regularly the news carries the latest concerning statistics of how many in the young generation are overwhelmed by the challenges facing them in everyday life.

So, at Cross Rhythms we have been provoked to deliver a media initiative specifically targeted at reaching those UK teenagers aged 13-20. We call it xRhythms and it launched September 2019. Click here to see the xRhythms platform.

The Need: The Resurrection Of A Generation

To understand why xRhythms is needed, we have to start with looking at The Need. Please follow this link to read the original xRhythms vision.

The Response: The XR Army

To meet that need, we are raising up an army of young people to be the new voices to a generation. Find out more here.

Meet The First Members Of the XR Army

We see literally hundreds of young people becoming a part of the XR Army. But it has all started with these first nine.

The Platform: Could You Be Part of The XR Army?

Are you 18-29, passionate for God and believe you could be an XR vlogger or blogger or video producer? Take a look at this then.

The Platform: The All New Visual Radio Player

One of our special developments is our unique video player. It is so innovative we had to submit it to YouTube themselves. Take a look at this technical overview video to get an idea of how it works.

The Invitation: How You Can Help Take xRhythms To The Next Level

Having developed much of the platform xRhythms is now poised to go to the Next Level. You can help us get there! See how.


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