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Articles by Kat Mills
Safe In My Father's Arms
Kat Mills on overcoming fear and learning to trust God. [21.04.18]
This Is Me
Kat Mills on the importance of being true to yourself and finding your voice. [27.03.18]
This Stops With Me
Kat Mills on changing attitudes and patterns of behaviour, so that our children don't struggle with the same things we have. [24.02.18]
The Unexpected GiftThe Unexpected Gift
Kat Mills reflects on the unexpected gift of a big teddy bear to help her son sleep through the night and the unexpected gift of Jesus as our Saviour. [25.01.18]
Redeeming The Past So We Can Move Forward
Kat Mills on her journey with Autism. [28.12.17]
Surviving ChristmasSurviving Christmas
Kat Mills shares with vulnerability, how Christmas has had to change out of love for her autistic son. [23.11.17]
It's Okay To Be YouIt's Okay To Be You
Kat Mills on learning to be your authentic self. [26.10.17]
Season Of ChangeSeason Of Change
Kat Mills considers the importance of getting all we can out of very season in our life, even the hard 'winter' seasons. [03.10.17]
Into The Unknown
Kat Mills shares about how to find hope and peace in the unknown, when things are out of control and not as you want them to be. [26.08.17]
Wimbledon BluesWimbledon Blues
Kat Mills reflects on the importance of finding our identity in something other than what we do. [25.07.17]

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