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Articles by Kat Mills
Season Of ChangeSeason Of Change
Kat Mills considers the importance of getting all we can out of very season in our life, even the hard 'winter' seasons. [03.10.17]
Into The Unknown
Kat Mills shares about how to find hope and peace in the unknown, when things are out of control and not as you want them to be. [26.08.17]
Wimbledon BluesWimbledon Blues
Kat Mills reflects on the importance of finding our identity in something other than what we do. [25.07.17]
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect
Kat Mills considers the freedom to be found by living in the truth of our imperfections. [29.06.17]
Figuring Out The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life
Kat Mills considers the importance of putting the right pieces of our lives in the right places. [30.05.17]
The Ultimate Personal Restoration
Kat Mills shares her own story of personal transformation, which has come about through the love she has received from God and others. [22.04.17]
Being Under Personal ReconstructionBeing Under Personal Reconstruction
Kat Mills shares how God made positive changes in her life during the time she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. [25.03.17]
Defined By Love
Kat Mills considers the importance of what defines us in life. [23.02.17]
How To Achieve Lasting Change
Kat Mills comments on New Year's resolutions and how to successfully bring through change. [26.01.17]

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