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Nick Welford What On Earth Are We Building?
Nick Welford reflects on the reasons why Jesus tore down the temple and how we should look at the way we doing things today. [24.01.20]
Jeff CuttsRemember And Forget
Jeff Cutts shares the importance of remembering what the Lord has done for us. [17.01.20]
Matt SummerfieldLove Your Enemies
Matt Summerfield shares the importance of loving and blessing others even when it seems the hardest thing to do. [10.01.20]
David HellyerLearning From The Birds
David Hellyer on speaking to God about what's really in your heart, not just what you think you should say to Him. [27.12.19]
Dave SimpsonUnconditional Love
Dave Simpson reflects on the way Jesus loves us just as the Father loves him. [20.12.19]
Hannah LattyTrust In God
Hannah Latty talks about actively putting your trust in God even when its not easy to do so as he knows the bigger picture. [13.12.19]
Chris MountfordBeing Thankful - No Matter What
Chris Mountford talks about how we should express thankfulness even when life gets tough. [06.12.19]
Mark ScholtzLife Co-ordinates
Mark Scholtz talks about finding our Purpose, Position and Provision in God [29.11.19]
Tracy WilliamsonRemembering
Tracy Williamson talks about the importance of remembering the ways in which God blesses our lives. [22.11.19]
James GandonGentleness
James Gandon on how we represent Christ in our modern world [08.11.19]

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